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One of IEE's focal areas from 2017-18 forward is on building skills and providing opportunities for positive interaction across difference-- ie, dialogue. With campus and community partners, we're piloting a range of events, programs and other resources, including those below.

Stay updated here, follow us at and or email us at with your interest in staying informed on upcoming opportunities!

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sustained Dialogues

IEE and Conflict Resolution Institute are partnering with the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network to bring Sustained Dialogues to DU. Rooted in decades of research and practice, this model gathers small groups for multiple sessions of facilitated discussions, allowing participants to build relationships, reflect on their individual and collective experiences, and increase understanding and collaboration.

In concert with other IEE initiatives underway, sustained dialogues will provide personal, professional and community development opportunities as we meaningfully engage one another to increase mutual understanding around current events, salient identities, and complex issues.


Winter Quarter student dialogue groups will be starting the week of 2/12!

Our dialogues this term will focus on the issues surrounding identity related to either ABILITY AND MENTAL HEALTH or IMMIGRATION, and will occur at specific times/days.

Dialogue groups commit to meeting weekly throughout the rest of Winter Quarter with possibilities for extending into Spring. Each group will be joined by 2 trained student facilitators.

  • ABILITY AND METAL HEALTH: Mondays 4-5:30pm OR Thursday 5-6:30
  • IMMIGRATION: Wednesdays 5-6:30pm

Locations: To be announced

APPLY NOW! If you have interest (and personal experience to share) relating to one of the topics above, you can apply at the following link:

Faculty, staff, administrators, alumns, community members: please email us at with your interest for future dialogue opportunities . Winter Quarter 2018 dialogues are prioritizing student participation. 

Students: We do not currently offer SD participation for direct academic credit (see dialogue courses); but may be able to serve as or work with site/field supervisors for experiential learning, independent study, or other credits through your academic program. Please check with your program for what credit possibilities are available, and contact us well in advance to discuss.

Intergroup dialogue COURSES

More than 70 undergrad students participated in our previous  intergroup dialogue courses, through Communication Studies. Kudos and thanks to students, facilitators and instructors who helped us pilot this new offering!

For spring 2018, we're continuing our updated course: COMN 2700: Intergroup Structures, Identities and Dialogue , with two sections available.

We're also exploring some graduate level participants and facilitator course options. Stay tuned!

Event +Dialogues

In addition to ongoing dialogue programs, we are developing a +DialogUe program, where Inclusive Excellence-related campus events can integrate dialogue. In short, we work with you to have trained facilitators engage participants in deeper learning as part of your event. For example, our facilitators led post-film discussions after BGSA's screening of the documentary 13th in February, and after GSA's Dark Girls , in May.

We're also working on a formal request process, but welcome interest from event planners in the meantime. Email with details/ideas, well in advance; and we'll follow up to explore possibilities.

Check our calendar (right-side column of this page) for upcoming events!

Sustained Dialogue Student Retreat

We kicked off the new common calendar year with a STUDENT RETREAT over the MLK Holiday weekend (Fri-Mon, January 12-15).

The 3-night, 4-day experience focused on building community, learning dialogue skills, and beginning to explore issues of identity and equity.

NOTE: With a focus on sustained dialogue, retreat participants are expected to continue to meet in small groups through winter, and perhaps spring quarters. Groups will work out their own schedules for post-retreat gatherings, but we want everyone to understand that the retreat is a beginning...

Registration is now closed.

Those unable to commit to the full weekend are invited to participate in one-time events (see below), or join our other, non-retreat sustained dialogue groups beginning in winter term. Details coming soon.


Thanks to all who took part in our January and September 2017 trainings! More than 100 students, staff, and faculty attended, creating a broad network of active DialogUers across campus. We are keeping that group updated on opportunities to support dialogue on campus.

Couldn't make either previous SD facilitator training weekend? There WILL be future opportunities to be trained in SD facilitation and to participate in events! Email with your interest, and we'll keep you updated.

Important scheduling acknowledgement:

We are aware that our Autumn 2017 training events asked for considerable investments of time in order to be thorough, that all fell on weekends (vs. weekdays), that the Sept dates (for example) coincided with Yom Kippur among other holy days, that the October dates were DU's Homecoming, and that these conflicts surely meant some interested affiliates were not be able to attend.

Like every event planner, we wrestled with which days would compete with school/work and life/family obligations, which other campus milestones (orientation, finals) would affect availability, how quickly we could recruit participants in the new school year, when our national trainers and appropriate campus spaces were available, and what gap between trainings would provide sufficient participant rest and preparation time to go another 16 hours...

Colleagues and classmates advised us that most students, staff and faculty would not be able to commit 16 consecutive hours on any weekdays, and that dates earlier in, later in, or outside the actual fall quarter would also drastically cut the number of students (our primary audience) able and willing to attend.

Knowing any date excludes some, we sought the best (if not good) balance among competing factors, intentionally scheduled across Friday evening and Sunday morning common worship times (attempting to share impact), notified campus leaders of impacted communities/programs, and acknowledged the conflict and provided education on concurrent holidays at the events themselves. We apologize to those who could not participate in this round of programs, and hope we are able to share your interest and energy in future quarters.