Center for Sustainability

Formed as an outgrowth of the Sustainability Council, the Center for Sustainability serves as the campus hub for projects and programs related to the University's efforts toward a more just and sustainable future. We're located in Centennial Towers, and work to connect students, faculty and staff with organizations in the community, forming networks and partnerships that support proactive sustainability initiatives.

Our mission is to combine innovative sustainability practices with research, scholarship and community engagement, centering social justice and equity in our efforts to reduce our campus carbon footprint, lift the groups that face the greatest danger from climate change and inspire our students to become sustainability leaders.

The Center's Role

  • Building

    Provide a central hub for sustainability programs, projects and engagement

  • Students

    Create opportunities for students to turn their passion into tangible change in their community

  • Train

    Train students in personal, professional and leadership development as they become future leaders in the field

  • Bridge

    Consult with other campus departments in their sustainability efforts

  • Globe

    Link student learning to impactful experiences and meaningful collaboration with communities

The Center's History

The Center for Sustainability was formed in 2012 after the Sustainability Council realized that in order to take the necessary steps to achieve real progress, a full-time sustainability staff member was necessary. From a small office space in Johnson McFarlane Hall, Chad King and a handful of students began looking for opportunities to solve some of DU's most pressing issues. This small team started a bike shop, began the Zero Waste hockey program and began engaging campus partners to bring sustainability to their departments.

In 2017, the Center hired its second full time staff member, Emily Schosid, and launched the Sustainability Internship program, which has quickly gained notice as one of the most holistic, comprehensive learning opportunities for students on campus. Today, the Center for Sustainability employs nine graduate students and 45 undergraduates, lending critical experience that will help them become fiercely capable and highly qualified professionals in sustainability.


Sustainability Internships & Fellowships

Each year, the Center for Sustainability brings on 40-50 undergraduate interns and as many  as 10 graduate fellows for a multi-year program that helps bridge the gap between classroom study and real experience in the field of sustainability. Students learn the basics of sustainability and social justice, working with mentors and peers in workshop settings to discover the tactics that the Center for Sustainability uses to fight for a more sustainable future.

Providing advanced professional skills and opportunities to engage with the broader community in meaningful projects, the internship program also serves as a kind of connecting hub for students looking to find like-minded people with whom they can develop their abilities, grow as individuals and build upon their ambition. It's a one-of-a-kind program that offers a transformative learning experience, helping create passionate professionals who emerge ready to take on the challenges of a changing world.