Regenerative Internships

The regenerative internship forms the backbone of all the work that the Center for a Regenerative Future undertakes. Graduate Fellows from a variety of disciplines oversee program areas such as food and gardens, our Thrift Store, Bike Shop, and Engagement team. Undergraduate program leaders take charge of individual programs including the day to day operations of the DU Food Pantry, Thrift Store, Bike Shop and Gear Garage, and Crimson Compost; as well as producing newsletters, social media posts, podcast episodes, and signature events. Other undergraduate interns support these programs, learn more about regenerative futures, assist with event planning and prepare to take on a leadership role in future years.

In 2023-2024

9 Graduate Fellows from 7 Colleges

25 Undergraduate Interns from 25 Majors

9 Programs Offered

This network of motivated, passionate students participates in extensive training for personal, professional and leadership development, put into practice in real-world experiences with program, team and project management. Students finish with a portfolio that clearly demonstrates leadership, impact and deep learning. In total, the regenerative internship offers one of the most holistic and meaningful student employment experiences available at DU.

Regenerative Internship Learning Outcomes

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    Utilize the communication, reporting and networking tools required to work as an interdisciplinary team in the 21st century

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    Identify and analyze interdisciplinary connections, systems thinking approaches and collaborator networks

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    Describe how individual strengths allow for personal and team growth

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    Demonstrate depth of knowledge on a broad range of regenerative topics

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    Demonstrate leadership in developing, managing and assessing team projects

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    Evaluate the effectiveness of regenerative projects and operations

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    Describe the links between social justice, equity, diversity and a regenerative future

While the regenerative internship program is open to all students. Just as regenerative challenges are highly complex and interdisciplinary, the approach our teams take to solving them must include perspectives, skills and understandings from all areas of study and backgrounds.

Working at the Center for Sustainability has allowed me to connect and collaborate with a diverse set of individuals, all working to make an impact on this planet for the better.  The Center has helped me find a community of like-minded mobility advocates with whom I can geek out about bikes all while sharing my passions and visions for a more sustainable transportation system on DU's Campus, in and around Denver, and across the US at large. Since the Center does so much more beyond mobility, I have been introduced to a wealth of other sustainable ideas and opportunities. The endless creativity and infectious passion of the Center teams has repeatedly inspired me; I couldn't imagine a better group of individuals with whom I'd like to work to help my new home.

Britt Woodrum, Mobility Graduate Fellow, MA International Security

Working for the DU Center for Sustainability is an amazing and enriching experience. I have met so many great students and staff, and made many friends that help me with projects, school, and even life. There are also many professional skills that I have learned throughout my years working at the Center, including resume writing, networking, and project planning. I am so excited to see what my future at the Center and beyond will bring.

Lauryn Chung, Waste Programming Lead

My freshman year, I was introduced to the Center for Sustainability through my participation in the Environmental Sustainability LLC. Four years later, I am an energy programming lead where I am able to apply my communication and sustainability studies to student engagement with event organizing and programming. Not only that, but the Center has allowed me to nurture my passion for sustainability and develop a community which has become an integral part of my identity and college experience.

Grace Houser, Energy Programming Lead

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