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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Student Organizations

Check out some of the many student groups on campus with sustainability missions! Have a student group you think should be on this list? Contact us

A World With (AWW):

A World With is an organization that started with the mission to end the international ivory trade which promotes the desecration and eventual extinction of elephants. Since its founding, A World With... has since converged this urgent issue with the overarching issue of climate change as we realized the threat it would present to not only elephants, but to all living things. A World With...has transformed from an organization into a movement: A movement determined to create efficient and organized action to change policies within our government; a movement fighting for our climate system, upon which all species rely for life; a movement battling against the social inequalities and human rights violations that inevitably follow from the disregard of dignity and worth. We invite you now to join us in this movement, because A World With... is better than a world without.

Alpine Club:

Alpine Club is one of the largest student run clubs at DU bringing outdoor adventure to anyone who is interested. We provide unforgettable experiences from ice climbing and downhill skiing, to hiking and kayaking and commit to educating participants about safety and conservation. The trips that are offered are student led and we teach 'leave no trace' principles within all of our activities.


DivestDU is dedicated to encouraging the University of Denver to combat climate change though divesting from fossil fuel companies. In doing so, we help to foster a rich a clamorous debate on campus regarding climate change, and engage the student body in one of the most significant threats facing our generation.

  • Elevated issue of climate justice on campus and educating community of the intersectionality of climate change with racial and gender and justice.
  • Educated hundreds of students on the importance of activism and the theory of change behind social movements.
  • Amassed over 1,600 student signatures in support of the University of Denver divesting from fossil fuels.
  • Received 24 official endorsements from student and community groups, including the unanimous endorsements from the Sustainability Council and USG
  • Received petition signatures from 70 Faculty and Staff Members
  • Presented to the Board of Trustees and to Chancellor Chopp twice.
DU Environmental Team (DUET):

DUET is a student-run organization committed to improving sustainability on campus. We work to educate students about their impact on the environment and what changes they can make to reduce their footprint and better the planet. Through going on adventures we seek to expand our own knowledge of environmental issues in the community. Host annual Sustainability Summit and event fair, help implement more sustainable practices around campus (started recycling, composting, zero waste hockey games)

DU Solar:

The goal of DU Solar is to spearhead the transformation of the University of Denver to an institution showcasing a strong image of sustainability. A large scale Solar project is a framework in which the thinking of students, faculty and community members can be shifted into realizing all the other efforts the University is making to reduce its carbon footprint, thereby "rebranding the campus". As the capacity for technology continues to grow exponentially, the cost of Solar power is decreasing at a proportional rate, and the time to undertake a project like this is now. The intangible benefits, although difficult to quantify, are very present and make a difference in terms of the number and quality of students coming into the school, which is not only measurable but the most important financial aspect to a University. The solar array on top of Gates Field House should house about 480kw, producing about 700,000kwH annually, and over the life time of the system (25 years) will offset almost 14,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to 45 million miles not driven or 250 acres of trees planted.

DU Sustainability Alliance (UCOL grad program):

DU Vegan and Vegetarian Society (DUVVS): DUVVS is a student organization that was established to be a support network for those living or interested in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. We hope to build a community that is a launching pad for activism and to promote compassionate and conscientious lifestyles on campus. All are welcome; being vegan or vegetarian is not required.


GSSW ECOconcious students who have focused on student engagement and education around waste practices in Craig Hall, building community partnerships

Engineers without Borders (EWB):

Engineers Without Borders is an international organization that conducts sustainable projects in communities all over the world. We strive for each project to be community-driven that way we can ensure that our projects are maintained long after we leave. Most projects that EWB has worked on include potable water, sanitation, and infrastructure. Although the name is misleading, this club is not just for engineers! Anyone can get involved and we need all the help we can get! This year we are working on applying for our first project and hope to be ready to travel by 2017. We also have a really awesome project on campus in which we are constructing a solar-powered bike cart that will be used for serving coffee or smoothies on campus! We have workshop days every Friday. We have meetings on the first and third Wednesdays each month in Knudson Hall (Engineering Building) CMK Room 309 at 6pm. Follow us on Facebook!

Food Law Society:

Sturm College of Law students, recently formed Food Law Society. They have had one event, a panel discussion with two lawyers detailing careers in food law. In March, the group will tour a few local food businesses and will be attending the Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council meetings beginning in March also. (Info from Tyler Nemkov, [email protected])

Food Recovery Network (FRN):

Food Recovery Network is a national non-profit organization with chapters on over 100 college and university campuses across the United States. The DU chapter works with Sodexo Dining Services to donate their leftover food to hunger-fighting agencies in the area. Our purpose is to bring students, faculty, staff, and local food-related businesses together while helping put an end to hunger and fighting food waste. We abide by the mission of the national organization of Food Recovery Network.

Natural Resources and Environmental Law Society:

As Environmental and Natural Resources law continues to grow in prominence and popularity, the NRELS will continue to serve, educate, and provide information to law students regarding these important fields. NRELS sponsors several guest speakers throughout the year to provide its members, and all students, with topical and balanced information regarding legal and political issues of local, national, and global importance. NRELS is a proud sponsor of the NRELS Moot Court competition generally held early in the Spring Semester. NRELS also sponsors field trips to local areas of environmental significance. This year they volunteered with Zero Waste Hockey- helping DU hockey fans to understand what can be recycled and what can't. They also volunteered at Ekar Farms, an organic local urban farm, with their fall harvest. They partnered with the new DU Food Law Society to bring a sustainable goat farmer, and a restaurant lawyer to speak to students.Upcoming, they will be celebrating Earth Week from April 4-7, with lunchtime speakers every day that week, culminating with a happy hour on Thursday, April 7th from 5:30-7:30pm. During that week, they will have speakers on: The Roadless Ban and Coal, Environmental Justice and Tribal Rights, Denver's Urban Growth and Issues it presents, and the Clean Power Plan. Along with the Food Law Society, they will be taking a tour of the GrowHaus, an organic greenhouse which provides education about sustainable food systems to Denver's Swansea-Elyria neighborhood and beyond.

Net Impact:

The Daniels College of Business Net Impact Chapter envisions a community of innovative, ethical leaders. Our mission is to build a culture of sustainability in which students are empowered to apply interdisciplinary skills, provide creative business solutions, and share value with all stakeholders.

Sustainable International Development Initiatives (Korbel grad students):

SIDI is a group of Korbel Graduate Students dedicated to the improvement of the human condition through the creation of a more sustainable world. Our mission is to promote innovative, effective global development by participating in grass-roots activism, region specific research, and the exchange of ideas and information.

Students for Africa:

Students for Africa (SfA) is a gateway organization dedicated to providing and facilitating educational opportunities and connections for University of Denver students and the greater Denver community. Students for Africa is a program of the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies with events and meetings open to everyone in the University of Denver community who have an interest in the African continent.

Students for Sustainable Food (SSF):

Students for Sustainable Food is committed to bringing awareness and transparency to our food system. SSF works to provide more sustainable food options--those that are environmentally sound, humane, fairly traded, and healthful--to the DU community. We maintain a SSF and a Sodexo plot in the new Community Bridge Garden, and are in charge of the maintenance of the new hydroponic growing tower in Centennial Halls.

Sustainability Council

Visit the Sustainability Council page for more information

Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Committee:

The University of Denver Sustainability Committee works to foster a greater awareness of environmental issues and funds projects to make it easier for students to be green.

  • Annually provide $88,000 of funding to empower undergraduate sustainability groups to affect positive change on and off campus
  • Connect all undergraduate sustainability groups on campus and provide an umbrella to unify campaigns and movements.
  • Fund campus wide improvements to make the university more sustainable, including water bottle filling stations, composting bins and signage, portable waste tents, dashboard screen to show energy consumption across campus, motion activated lights, etc.
  • Enable students to pursue educational opportunities out of state, including at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) conference, Diversity Conference, Civic Engagement Conference
  • Fund conferences on campus, including the Sunflower Carnival, Sustainability Summit, Diversity Summit, Black Student Leadership Conference, DU New Beginnings Pow Wow, Net Impact Sustainability Workshops, etc.