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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability



Denver receives only 15.54 inches of precipitation annually. As a reference, this is much closer to precipitation rates in Tucson, AZ (11.92 in) or Los Angeles, CA (18.67 in), than Chicago (39.04 in), Washington DC (40.78 in), or Boston (43.56 in). Colorado is also one of the seven basin states of the Colorado River, a vital water source for the whole southwestern US. For this reason, water conservation is a critical area of focus for the University.
Over 60% of all campus water use is attributed to use in buildings. All new buildings have efficient fixtures to reduce water use. Behavior plays a large role in this water use, especially in residences.

In fiscal year 2014, DU has realized a 40% average annual water use reduction for all irrigation and external water use over a 2011 baseline. This contributed to a 30% decrease in total water use since 2011.