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Employee Engagement Survey

Dear colleagues,

In May of this year I invited you to join me in an effort of renewal and transformation. In partnership with the Faculty Senate, the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources and Inclusive Community (HRIC), I invited you to take a pilot survey assessing your experience here as an employee of the University of Denver. Over 1,600 of you joined us in this effort, entrusting this institution with your honesty, candidness and thoughtfulness. I am grateful for your participation.

The survey in May was only one step in our journey toward One DU. In our strategic plan we defined our goal as the following:

We will advance our institutional structures and shape ourselves as an intentional community, One DU, to provide an inclusive and engaging environment that supports our aspirations.

— Impact 2025, Transformative Direction Four: One DU

As an intentional community, it is incumbent upon us to take stock of our organization, to celebrate our successes and to always explore the paths by which we must grow. We have so much to be proud of as a community, but it is our ability to acknowledge our challenges that gives our effort power. This survey gives us the foundation on which we can build the organization we want to be.

It is my honor to now present to you the results of this survey. Together we will explore these results and seek to understand ourselves better. Across the institution and within every individual department, we will have conversations about what it means to work together as the University of Denver. I hope you'll join HRIC for the Town Hall meetings discussing the survey in the days and weeks ahead. I hope you'll engage with our community in the conversations of our Community & Values initiative.

Together we will develop plans of action to move us forward. And together we will do the work that makes DU truly a great place to pursue our shared mission.


Rebecca Chopp

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About the survey

"I appreciate my co-workers. Many of the staff members in my area are highly caring people who make a lot of difference for each other."

— Survey Respondent


Participation rate

1,650 respondents out of 3,075 faculty, staff and administration


Survey statements

5-point agreement scale, followed by 4 open-ended questions, 28 benefit satisfaction questions and 8 demographic questions


Days to reach 54%

Pilot survey ran from May 8 through May 22, 2018