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Employee Engagement Survey

Dear colleagues,

Built into the foundation of One DU is our commitment to being a community that proactively and deliberately decides for ourselves who we are, what we can be and how we’ll get there. 

Together, in the spring of 2018, we supported that commitment by participating in a pilot survey to assess our experiences as employees of the University of Denver. This was a significant leap forward, as the University has never undertaken an employee survey of this size and scope. Major thanks for this monumental effort goes to the Office of Human Resources and Inclusive Excellence (HRIC), the Staff Advisory Council, Faculty Senate, and Institutional Research and Analysis. My office and the Office of the Provost appreciate all who came together in the One DU spirit to promote and champion this project.

And to all that answered the call, your response was extraordinary. Over 1,600 DU faculty and staff members responded. Thank you, sincerely, for trusting the University with your voices, stories and candor.

We will advance our institutional structures and shape ourselves as an intentional community, One DU, to provide an inclusive and engaging environment that supports our aspirations.

— Impact 2025, Transformative Direction Four: One DU

The results of the survey revealed that we have much to be proud of. But, it is our ability to acknowledge our challenges and areas in which we need to improve that serves as one of our foundational strengths—a strength by which we can continue to be an institution of purpose, engagement and commitment to the public good.

I ask that you take time to delve into the results of the survey, and I encourage you to engage in the coming conversations, such as the HRIC-led Town Hall Meetings, about what these results tell us about DU. 

What began as a series of questions will now become next steps, bold plans and measurable actions—at the University, unit and team levels. Together, we are One DU and, together, we will continue to make DU a great place to work and to learn.


Rebecca Chopp


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About the survey

"I appreciate my co-workers. Many of the staff members in my area are highly caring people who make a lot of difference for each other."

— Survey Respondent


Participation rate

1,650 respondents out of 3,075 faculty, staff and administration


Survey statements

5-point agreement scale, followed by 4 open-ended questions, 28 benefit satisfaction questions and 8 demographic questions


Days to reach 54%

Pilot survey ran from May 8 through May 22, 2018