Faculty & Staff

The Kennedy Mountain Campus will provide a rich environment that inspires the entire DU community and fuels innovation across disciplines. Faculty and staff are encouraged to propose courses, programs and experiences that will spark creativity and growth within the great outdoors while advancing the 4D Experience for our students. 


A Place for Professional Development

The Kennedy Mountain Campus will provide immersive learning opportunities for faculty and staff to build on their skillsets, network with colleagues and improve their wellbeing. In addition to workshops and professional retreats, employees will have time to connect with one another, professionally and socially, enhancing their sense of belonging and connection to DU.  

A Landscape for New Contexts

students on bank of mountain stream

Learning happens wherever our students and their educators are engaged. And magic happens when new ideas are encountered in inspiring new contexts. At the Kennedy Mountain Campus, DU’s faculty are invited to think expansively about how their field and curriculum can benefit from the majesty and invigoration found in this new educational setting.  

A Place for Science

student examining vial outdoors

The Kennedy Mountain Campus provides a natural fit for enhanced science education. Faculty members from across disciplines—ecology, geology, biology, geography and so much more—will use the Kennedy Mountain Campus as an extension of their classrooms and laboratories, offering students opportunities to experience the hands-on field work that might someday contribute to their careers.

A Place for the Arts


DU’s faculty in the arts—from creative writing, to fine art, theatre, music and more—will use the Kennedy Mountain Campus to supplement and deepen their curriculum. Inspired by nature and new contexts, their students are positioned to create in new and surprising ways.  

A Place for Recreation

two people on ropes course

The University of Denver enjoys a robust recreation and intramural sports program led by passionate staff members and athletes. At the Kennedy Mountain Campus, students and their staff leaders will find boundless opportunities for new ways to train, play and compete.