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At the University of Denver, our students draw connections between their passions and experiences in and outside the classroom. Through learning that integrates intellectual growth, character, career preparation and well-being, students develop a sense of purpose that will help them build the futures they desire. This holistic approach to education is the 4D Experience, and it guides everything we do at the University of Denver and our Kennedy Mountain Campus.

In the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, every student will find a unique and inspiring place to reconnect with themselves, make new lifelong connections with their peers, and engage in activities that will build skills they can draw upon for a lifetime.

In this space, you will discover opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, to explore your character, and to take time for mental and physical wellness. You will find new perspectives on the lessons learned in the classrooms and labs of the urban campus, form new relationships and learn the skills necessary to navigate your life and career with confidence.

“Sometimes the simplest activities bring the most joy when bonding with peers in a completely new environment.

Katie O'Connor, Class of '22
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Two Campuses, One DU

As a student at DU, your experience will take place in the city and in the wilderness. Throughout the course of your student journey, you will experience the transformative power of nature at the Kennedy Mountain Campus, while diving deep into your academics at the University’s urban campus. The distinct yet complementary nature of these two campuses will help you develop lifelong relationships and values, and discover new perspectives on your academics, your wellbeing, your character and your ambitions for your career and future.

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An Experience for All Students

Whether you love the outdoors or you’re a newbie to nature, the Kennedy Mountain Campus is a place for you. Programs will serve students of all backgrounds, abilities and experience levels, providing opportunities to develop confidence, connections and leadership skills within the forest’s natural classroom.

A wealth of recreation and wellness programs will help you discover healthy and effective ways to cope with challenges and prioritize your wellness. You’ll have the opportunity to explore leadership through partnerships with Colorado Outward Bound, or become stewards of the land through sustainable practices in conservation and restoration. With activities focused on physical wellness, academics, mental wellness, leadership and community-building, the Kennedy Mountain Campus is where you will develop skills essential to life as a student and beyond.

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First Ascent

Each fall, DU’s incoming class will spend an immersive weekend at the Kennedy Mountain Campus. At their First Ascent DU’s newest community members will be immersed in the DU 4D Experience: They will discover the wonder of intellectual growth and curiosity The confidence to pursue purpose-driven lives and careers. The joy of wellbeing for ourselves, others, and our planet. And the strength of character built upon individual values. And they will make the lifelong friendships that will help define their time at DU.

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