Admission Standards & Transferring Credit

What we look for

We're excited to welcome over 200 new transfer students every year. We offer over 100 undergraduate programs that cross disciplines and provide hands-on, active learning opportunities, and we want to see that you've worked toward similar values in your education so far.

If you've built a strong college resume and you're searching for a new path within our community, we encourage you to apply.

  • Academic Standards

    There are a few things we like to see first and foremost when we evaluate transfer applications.

    • A Competitive GPA: around a 3.0 (B average) or better is our usual expectation.
    • A 3.0 GPA or higher is also considered competitive for merit scholarships
    • Challenging Coursework: We like to know that you've taken your time in college seriously. A DU education is rigorous, and we want to know that you're ready to take on the challenge.
    • Special Circumstances: We'd like to hear about any mitigating circumstances that might have affected your academic resume. We'll take these into account when evaluating your application.
  • Will My Credits Transfer?

    We accept transferred credit for courses that reasonably match courses offered here at DU.

    • Check the Registrar's site to find out if your classes qualify for transfer credit.
    • Applicants from community colleges in Colorado: See our credit matrix for guidelines on transferring credit within the Common Curriculum.
  • What's the minimum grade required to transfer credit?

    In order for credits to transfer, you must have achieved a grade of C- (1.7 on a 4-point scale) or better in each course for a class to be considered for transfer of credit.

  • What's the conversion between semester hours and quarter hours?

    We use the quarter system here at DU, so you might have to convert your credits from semester hours into quarter hours.

    • 1 semester hour = 1.5 quarter hours

    Quarter hours will also determine your academic standing by year. Here's the math:

    • First Year = 0-44 hours
    • Sophomore = 45-89 hours
    • Junior = 90-134 hours
    • Senior = 135+
  • Are there limits on transferring credit?

    There are a few limits on how many credits you can transfer to DU.

    • Maximum of 135 quarter hours (90 semester hours)
    • If you're transferring from a two-year institution: maximum of 96 quarter hours (64 semester hours)
    • You must complete your full senior year at DU to receive a degree (45 quarter hours)
    • Associate's degrees don't transfer as a complete whole. We'll evaluate your previous transcript(s) on a course-by-course basis.
  • Will my grades transfer?

    No, grades from past institutions will not factor into your GPA at DU.

  • Are online courses accepted?

    Online courses are not categorically restricted, but may be refused based on instruction methodologies not equivalent to those at the University of Denver.

  • Do CLEP and DSST exams count for credit?

    No, CLEP and DSST exams are not accepted for credit.

  • Do pass/fail credits transfer to DU?
    • Pass/fail classes may be transferred if the passing grade equals a C- (1.7 on a 4-point scale) or better. We'll evaluate these credits individually to see if they fit DU's coursework.
    • Pass/fail credits DO NOT fulfill common undergraduate requirements at DU, and can only be used to fill elective credits.
  • Should I worry about my school's accreditation?

    Credits are more readily accepted from institutions with regional accreditation, although credits earned at an institution with national or special accreditation will be considered.

  • Will physical education credits transfer to DU?

    Yes, you can transfer up to a maximum of three quarter hours in three separate physical education activities to DU. Military basic training is also considered for physical education credit.