• John Seward
    Seward headshot

    John is the Regulatory Compliance Officer and EMS Program Manager at the University of Denver. He oversees compliance, policy, export control and research security, while supervising the emergency medical services program. He served as DUs Assistant COVID Response Coordinator during the COVID-19 Pandemic, where he spent his days in disease surveillance and testing. John is the Vice Chair for Advocacy at the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado where he has been key to the passage of legislation relating to secure behavioral health transport, emergency mental health holds, ground ambulance licensing, EMS system improvement and the establishment of the country's first office of cardiac arrest management. John is a seasoned EMS provider and serves on the Colorado EMS Education Task Force working to improve EMS education statewide.    

  • Claire Shaver
    Claire Shaver headshot

    Claire is the Chair of Emergency Medical Services at the University of Denver (DU) and leads the incredibly dedicated team of Campus EMTs on a mission to foster a community of care. She is an EMT pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from DUs Graduate School of Social Work. In her undergraduate studies, she researched the determinates and consequences of perception as it applies to pain care and mental illness stigma with an emphasis on implications for social inequality and discrimination. Claire also works with Denver’s Support Team Aided Response (STAR) program where she works alongside a mental health clinician to provide emergency behavioral health crisis response. She specializes in crisis and medical social work within the intersection of emergency medicine and mental health.  

  • Jamilee Just
    jamilee just headshot

    Jamilee is the Vice Chair for Clinical Services where she leads field training and quality management functions. She is an EMT from Southern Colorado, worked for a rural ambulance service and is an undergraduate student studying biology. Jamilee looks forward to attending medical school and practicing emergency medicine.

  • Ryker Lott

    Ryker is the Vice Chair for Operations for where he oversees the inter workings and operations of the program. This includes scheduling, equipment, billing and record keeping. He is an EMT and undergraduate studying engineering, specifically as it relates to medicine.    

  • Vy Nguyen
    Vy Headshot

    Vy is the Vice Chair for Community Health where she works to foster our community of care by leading DU EMS's external engagement services including developing and teaching courses on CPR and AED use, opioid overdose prevention and response, harm reduction and healthy living. Vy is an EMT and undergraduate student pursing a degree in biological sciences. 

  • Lara Rappaport, MD, MPH

    Dr. Rappaport is our Medical Director, she is board certified in emergency medicine and emergency medical services. She serves as Associate Medical Director for the Denver Health Paramedic Division and as an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Denver Health Medical Center. Dr. Rappaport is known nationally for her work in pediatric emergency medicine and has served on the Colorado State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council.  

  • Mollie Quip, MD
    Dr. Quip headshot

    Dr. Quip is our Associate Medical Director and is an emergency medicine physician at the Denver Health Medical Center. 

  • Michael Deureson, MD
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    Dr. Deureson is our Associate Medical Director and is an emergency medicine physician at the Denver Health Medical Center. He is a paramedic and completed his residency in emergency medicine at the Denver Health Medical Center.

  • Nancy Lorenzon, PhD
    nancy lorenzon headshot

    Dr. Lorenzon is our Faculty Director where she supervises our education and training programs. She is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and is devoted to advancing the educational experiences and opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, especially in the fields of biomedical sciences, health and emergency medical services. She has received a number of awards for teaching and outstanding service.