• John Seward
    John Seward headshot

    John is the Chair of Emergency Medical Services here at DU and has the privilege of leading the EMS program. He served as Assistant COVID Response Coordinator during the COVID-19 Pandemic and today is the University's Regulatory Affairs Officer, focusing on regulatory compliance for DU's research, scholarship and creative works. As a member of the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado (EMSAC), he has spearheaded legislation focusing on EMS systems improvement, ground ambulance licensure and cardiac arrest prevention. He serves on a number of task forces dedicated to advancing the EMS profession in Colorado.   

  • Vander Georgeff
    Vander Georgeff headshot

    Vander is the Vice Chair for Operations, leading the daily operations of our Campus EMTs, he provides operations support, procurement, and scheduling for the program. Vander is an EMT and undergraduate student studying chemistry and biochemistry. He is a laboratory technician in the DU Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory where he provides diagnostics testing for a vast array of communicable pathogens.

  • Claire Shaver
    Claire Shaver headshot

    Claire is the Vice Chair for Community Health and Education. She leads our efforts to build the community of care at DU through comprehensive learning, outreach and engagement across campus. Claire is an EMT undergraduate student studying psychology and business and is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from the DU Graduate School of Social Work. Claire works as an EMT with Denver’s Support Team Aided Response (STAR) program where she works alongside a clinician to provide emergency crisis services.  

  • Jamilee Just
    jamilee just headshot

    Jamilee is the Vice Chair for Clinical Services where she leads field training and quality management functions. She is an EMT from Southern Colorado, worked for a rural ambulance service and is an undergraduate student studying biology. Jamilee looks forward to attending medical school and practicing emergency medicine.

  • Lara Rappaport, MD

    Dr. Rappaport is our Medical Director and oversees the clinical services of DU EMS. She is board certified in adult and pediatric emergency medicine and emergency medical services. She serves as the Associate Medical Director at the Denver Health Paramedics Division and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Denver Health Medical Center.  

  • Nancy Lorenzon, PhD
    nancy lorenzon headshot

    Dr. Lorenzon is our Faculty Director where she supervises the education and training components of DU EMS. Dr. Lorenzon is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences where she is also the Director of Pre-Health Education and Director of the Professional Sciences Masters in Biomedical Sciences Program. Dr. Lorenzon is devoted to advancing the educational experiences and opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, especially in the fields of biomedical sciences, health and emergency medical services.