Statistics & Directives

We believe an informed campus community is an empowered one. By providing information on the challenges we face and clarifying our Division's stances on them, we hope to spark conversation, encourage a culture of transparency and work toward a campus environment of safety, security and continuous growth.

DCS Directives

Division Directive – Use of Force

This directive establishes the authority of DCS and its Campus Safety Officers (CSOs) with respect to the application of force, reporting use of force incidents, and the process used to review physical, less-lethal and lethal force.

Division Directive – Use of Force

Division Directive - Bias-Based Profiling

This directive defines and states DCS's stance on Bias-Based Profiling in alignment with our core values of integrity, dedication, community and service.

Division Directive - Bias-Based Profiling

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Bias-Based Profiling

It is through crime prevention and community outreach efforts, pro-active patrol, and investigative methods that the DCS reduces the opportunities for violations of University policies/procedures or crime to occur and contributes to making the campus a safer environment for the campus community the Division serves. In keeping with the spirit of our mission, we do not condone the use of any biased-based profiling in its enforcement or programs. The below brochure is designed to educate the public on the issue of bias-based profiling, including what it is and what to do if you believe you have been a victim of bias-based profiling.


CALEA Annual Reports


Annual Review - Biased Based Profiling

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Division of Campus Safety's commitment to prohibiting bias-based profiling in its operational and administrative practices and to outline our collective performance in this area.

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Annual Statistical Summary - Internal Affairs

The purpose of this report is to establish a protocol whereby alleged employee misconduct or complaints against employees of our Division can be investigated with fairness and objectivity. In addition, this report outlines procedures for the receipt of such complaints and the dissemination of information regarding such complaints to both the DU Community and DCS employees.

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Annual Analysis - Use of Force

The purpose of this analysis is to gather information relative to our Division's use of force actions; to identify trends, equipment and training needs if any, and to review current directives for modification. The findings of this report shall be disseminated to the DCS and University community.

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