Crime & Fire Logs

Crime Log

Crime Log/Mapping Portal

The Crime Log is a record of all crimes that were reported to Campus Safety each day and is produced in compliance with the Clery Act. The Crime Log for the past 60 days is available below via the Mapping Portal and is in real-time. The map view or details view are available at the top left two buttons and each incident has a drop-down arrow.

To request copies of previous Crime Logs, please submit your request through our contact us form or make your request in person during regular business hours at the Campus Safety Center, 2130 South High Street.

Fire Log

Fire Log

The Fire Log is a record of fire incidents that have occurred on campus. The Fire Log below is maintained for at least 60 days in compliance with the Clery Act. To receive a copy of previous Fire Logs, you must submit a written request to the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety.