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We are as strong as our community is united. To support our ties with the surrounding DU community, we facilitate a variety of educational opportunities, outreach programs and free-of-charge training courses to keep you safe on- and off-campus. Our operations are dictated by our genuine care for our community and our belief that, through collaboration, we can reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Ride-Along Program

DU Students, staff and faculty can request to join a Campus Safety Officer on patrol for a segment of the Officer’s shift. Ride-alongs must be approved within 10 days prior to the Ride-along. This time will allow for a required criminal history check through the State of Colorado to be completed on the requesting party.

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Good Neighbors

We offer a series of open forums to the neighboring community that surrounds the DU Campus. “Good Neighbors” (formerly Safe Talks) is an important engagement tool offering a space where dialogue is encouraged. It has proven to be valuable in our efforts to better serve the neighboring community. These events are scheduled on a quarterly basis with the dates and times varying to ensure that all community members have an opportunity to participate. These events focus on concerns voiced by the neighboring community, which may include potential challenges that have a bearing on campus safety activities and recommended actions.

Community Partnership Program


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