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Office of Equal Opportunity and Office of Title IX

The Office of Title IX

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

Faculty and Staff are mandatory reporters

Faculty and Staff Obligations

  • All University faculty or staff members are responsible employees, or mandatory reporters for Title IX. This includes housing and residential staff, RAs and RDs, GTAs and GRAs.
  • The only exceptions to this requirement are people directly employed by one of the three confidential resources on campus: CAPE, the HCC or the University Chaplain.
  • A Title IX concern can be received by any DU employee about:
    • A Student;
    • Staff; or
    • Faculty member.
  • Reportable concerns are typically verbal and informal
  • To report a concern you can:
    • Fill out a report
    • Contact Erika Hollis, executive director & Title IX coordinator at 303-871-3142 or
  • It is not your responsibility to investigate
  • If anyone, including a student, asks to speak to you about something confidential, it is your responsibility to inform them that if it is something about gender-based discrimination, harassment or violence, you are a mandatory reporter
  • If they choose not to tell you, it is important to tell them you want them to have someone to speak with, and refer them to a confidential resource on campus
  • Do not ask for detail the survivor does not readily disclose – others through counseling support or the investigation will address the details with the survivor
  • Be sure to let the survivor know you are reporting and that the Title IX Coordinator will reach out to them
  • If the survivor is concerned, remind them that they will learn about their options and they are not required to participate in an investigation
  • You can also refer them to CAPE, the HCC or the University Chaplain for support. None of these referrals substitutes for a report to Title IX


Supporting a survivor

If you have both a survivor and a respondent in your class, or under your supervision:

  • You do not need to take sides
  • Do not share any information with the respondent that the survivor has shared
  • Do not inform the respondent that a report has been made. Title IX has that responsibility and there are legal requirements regarding how the notice is given. 

If a respondent shares with you that they are being investigated: 

  • Acknowledge being a respondent is difficult and can be scary
  • Refer the respondent to support services
    • HCC
    • University Chaplain
  • Reassure that the investigation process is equitable
  • Avoid asking: Why? Did you? What were you thinking? 
  • Do not assume you know what a respondent may have or have not done based on a respondents' behavior with you