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Campus Safety

Campus Safety


The Department of Campus Safety is staffed 24 hours a day year-round by trained professionals employed to serve the University community.

In life-threatening emergencies, or when you need immediate police, fire or medical assistance, make the following TWO calls: 911 and 303-871-3000. in the event of an emergency, TTY users should call 911 directly

DU Campus Safety logs over 62,000 computer aided dispatch events (approximately 170 per day) and over 13,000 calls for service. Additionally, approximately 1,000 reports are written annually by Campus Safety Officers.

Mission Statement

To advance the quality of life on campus using community-focused safety and access solutions.

To Report a Crime

You can report a crime or Honor Code violation to Campus Safety at any time by calling 303-871-2334.  An officer will be sent to your location to take your report.

If you would like to confidentially provide Campus Safety with information about a crime or suspected crime, you may call the anonymous tip line at 303-871-3130. Please leave as much information as possible so that we may investigate the incident.

To anonymously report a sexual assault, please contact either the University ChaplainThe Health and Counseling Center or the Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment.

To formally report a sexual assault, contact Campus Safety.

Officer Liaison Program

In the Spring of 2015, the Department will be re-instituting its Liaison Program. This program pairs Campus Safety Officers and personnel with various groups across campus. These groups can range from Departments or Units, student clubs, staff/faculty groups, or community organizations. The purpose of the Liaison program is to provide a forum for a deeper level of engagement between Campus Safety personnel and campus groups; allowing for both parties to be involved in each other’s events & campaigns. For more information about the Liaison Program, click here.

Property Registration

Click here to register your bicycle and click here to register all other property.

Walking Escorts

Campus Safety offers a walking escort for students, staff and faculty who do not want to walk on campus alone after dark.  Escorts will walk you to and from any location on campus.  To request an escort, call 303-871-2334.


The Department strives for improvement through proper recruiting and hiring, personnel development,
training and responsiveness to citizens in order to provide effective and efficient service to all.
Complaints can be filed in two ways:

  1. Informal complaints can be filed by calling the Commander of Patrol Services at 303.871.2139.  Informal complaints are generally minor in nature. The Commander of Patrol Services may determine, based on the information you've provided, that the complaint you've submitted is of a nature that requires a formal complaint. In that situation, the Commander will initiate an investigation on your behalf.
  2. Formal complaints can be filed by filling out the online complaint form. Formal complaints are generally used for serious misconduct on the part of a Campus Safety Employee. As part of our initiatives, community members are encouraged to report any complaints or concerns using the new online form available at