Recycling Services

One of the University's stated goals is to achieve financial, operational, human, and environmental resource sustainability. This is accomplished in part by practicing responsible environmental stewardship modeled by everyone across our diverse campus.



Please submit any recycling inquiries through iServiceDesk, the Facilities Management work request system. You can also call Custodial Services at 303-871-4819.

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  • Recycling Collection Process

    Convenient, Safe, and Cost-Effective Recycling Program

    The University's mission is to make recycling available to as many people as possible. We rely on participation and feedback from students, faculty, and staff engagement. Our program will continuously expand and develop new recycling/sustainability initiatives for community engagement.

    Campus recycling services dispose unwanted materials and equipment in an ethical fashion that protects both the environment and the people involved in the recycling efforts. Our practices are be fiscally responsible and comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.

    The Collection Process

    1. You must empty your own desk-sized bins into the closest larger recycling bin located in your department/building. The frequency of the larger bin pickups will vary from one to five days per week, according to demand. DU’s custodial staff will empty large, centrally located bins.
    2. DU’s custodial staff will empty large, centrally located bins. 
    3. The Alpine Waste & Recycling company is responsible for sorting the material.

    View the complete list of Altogether Recycling™ items or View campus recycling schedules.

  • What We Recycle

    DU partners with Alpine Recycle and their Altogether Recycling™ program to provide campus-wide recycling services. Items we recycle include office paper and other supplies, batteries, electronics, and electronic equipment such as computers and printers. To request a new or replacement recycle bin for your office, please call Custodial Services at 303-871-4819.

    Sorting Recycling, Composting & Waste

    View DU's flow chart to sort waste:

    DU Waste Guide


    Acceptable Items

    All recycled materials must be free of contamination from food or liquid waste. Please wash food containers before recycling them.

    Acceptable items include:

    • Newspaper (including inserts)
    • Mixed paper
    • Aluminum (do not crush)
    • Empty aerosol cans
    • Magazines
    • Aseptic packaging (milk/juice cartons)
    • Styrofoam™ and other polystyrene foams
    • Bulk or junk mail
    • Mixed rigid plastics (lawn furniture, children's toys, laundry baskets, etc.
    • Plastic #1 – #7 (no plastics marked "PLA")
    • Corrugated cardboard (flattened)
    • Chipboard (cereal and tissue boxes)
    • Tin cans (no other steel)
    • Detergent bottles
    • Office paper
    • Brown paper bags
    • Plastic milk jugs


    Unacceptable items

    • No plastic bags
    • No steel items
    • No clamshell or "to go" plastic containers
    • No plastic plates, forks, spoons, or knives
    • No #7 PLA compostable containers
    • No six-pack holders
    • No plastic syringes or needles

    For a complete list of recyclable materials, please see this document.

  • Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

    DU's custodial staff are responsible for emptying the large, centrally located blue bins. If you have a desk-sized bin, empty it into the closest larger recycling bin located in your department/building. Not all buildings have a regularly scheduled pick-up time, so the frequency of larger bin pick-ups will vary between one and five days per week, according to demand.

    • Academic Office Annex—T, TH
    • Anderson Academic Commons—T, TH
    • Alumni House—W
    • Ammi-Hyde—T, TH
    • Ben Cherrington Hall—T, TH
    • Boettcher —M, W, F
    • Cable Center—T, TH
    • Chambers Center—T, TH
    • Computer Science Annex—T, TH
    • Craig Hall—M, W, F
    • Daniels—M, W, F
    • Driscoll North and South—M, W, F
    • English Language Center—M, W, F
    • Facilities—T, TH
    • Fisher—T, TH
    • Frontier Hall—T, TH
    • Greeks—F
    • Hillel House—F
    • HRTM—T, TH
    • International House—M, W, F
    • John Greene Hall—M, W, F
    • Knudson—M, W, F
    • Law—M, T, W, TH, F
    • Margery Reed—M, W, F
    • Mary Reed—M, W, F
    • Mass Communications—T, TH
    • Metallurgy—T, TH
    • Multicultural Center—T, TH
    • Newman Bungalow—T, TH
    • Newman Center—M, W, F
    • Olin Hall—M, W, F
    • Parking Services—T, TH
    • Physics—M, W, F
    • Project Management Bungalow—T, TH
    • Purchasing—T, TH
    • Religious Studies—T, TH
    • Residence Halls—M, T, W, TH, F
    • Ricks Center—T, TH
    • Ritchie Center—T, TH
    • Seeley Mudd—M, W, F
    • Shwayder—M, W, F
    • Sturm Hall—M, W, F
    • University College—F
    • University Hall—T, TH
    • University Offices Annex—T, TH
    • IT—T, TH
    • Wesley Hall—W



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