Tableau Desktop

We administer Tableau Desktop licenses for the University. Faculty and staff may obtain a license free of charge to develop visualizations for administrative operations. Students and instructors may obtain an academic license directly from Tableau.

For more information about Tableau Desktop licenses, please contact:

Getting Started

The University currently has a limited number of licenses for Tableau Desktop. In order to ensure these licenses are used effectively, we can only release one to a unit with a demonstrated business need and visualization development knowledge.

If you are new to Tableau, we recommend you download the free trial version to help determine if Tableau is appropriate for your needs.

Requesting a License

To request a Tableau Desktop, please email the following information to Ben Siebrase:

  • First and last name
  • Unit and department
  • Brief description of how Tableau Desktop will be used
  • Brief description of your level of expertise with Tableau Desktop

Sharing Visualizations

Visualizations that contain institutional data should be stored in Tableau Server, not Tableau Public. We also recommend disabling options for downloading data when publishing a visualization to Tableau Server.