Administrative Support for REDCap

Information Technology (IT) administers licenses for REDCap, a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. This application is available to faculty members conducting human subject research in which sensitive data will be collected. 

For questions about REDCap, please contact:

  • Adding new user accounts (of course);
  • Confirm user-names. Password resetting is tied to your campus credentials and must happen through IT@DU;
  • Moving new projects from design to production;
  • When REDCap automatically requires administrative review for project change requests, we will provide documentation for users to review. Users can then direct REDCap administrators to approve changes;
  • Introducing users to REDCap and providing initial consultation to help determine if it will work for their project;
  • Help connect users to existing support documentation and other self-directed training resources. There is an active user community across the nation and many questions can be answered consulting them;
  • Provide an API token as requested;
  • Basic overview of project elements. We can connect you to colleagues or other resources that may help you with more advanced features you might need to support your database/survey/project design.


REDCap provides free online resources to help you learn the program and collaborate with other users: