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Institutional Research & Analysis

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Data Partners

We work closely with data partners across campus to connect members of our community with specialized institutional data. If we are unable to provide a requested set of data directly, we can help connect you with the appropriate staff to assist you.

In many cases, we will work with our data partners to deliver ad hoc reports or analyses that combine the content knowledge of other offices with the methodological and statistical expertise of our team. 

For questions about connecting with data partners, please contact:

Data Partners by Type of Data Requested

General Student/Academic Operations

The Office of the Registrar can provide data related to students and academic operations to support internal planning and program development, including:

  • Lists of of active/enrolled students
  • Lists of degrees awarded
  • Lists of advisors/advisees
  • Lists of courses and instructors
  • Grade distributions 

Primary Contact:


The Business Intelligence & Analytics team in University Advancement can provide information related to advancement activities, including:

  • Philanthropy and fundraising
  • Source, type, and distribution of donations
  • Alumni relations

Primary Contact:

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid can provide information related to student financial aid, including:

  • Institutional, government, and private scholarships, grants, and loans
  • Community and pathway financial aid programs
  • Institutional aid expenditures and discount rates

Primary Contact:

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources & Inclusive Community can provide general information related to employees at the University, including:

  • Contact lists of current employees
  • Demographic profiles of employees by department and division
  • Application funnel and hiring outcomes

Primary Contact:

International Education

The Office of International Education can provide information about study abroad and exchange programs at the University, including:

  • Study abroad participation rates
  • International service learning programs
  • Exchange and research partnerships with international universities

Primary Contact:

Post-Graduation Outcomes

The Career & Professional Development team in University Advancement can provide information related to post-graduation outcomes of our students, including:

  • Job placement rates
  • Employment and graduate education rates
  • Starting salaries

Primary Contact:

Student Success Measures

The Office of Student Success can provide information about student outcomes, including:

  • Persistence (retention) rates
  • Graduation rates
  • Participation in pathway, access, and engagement programs
  • Co-curriculur assessment

Primary Contact: