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COVID-19 Update: Flu Vaccination Requirement

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Dear DU community members,

As we enter cold and flu season, protecting the health and safety of our campus community is first and foremost on our minds at the University of Denver. Influenza and COVID-19 illness can include similar symptoms, occur simultaneously and pose serious health risks to members of our community. As a result, and as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, the University of Denver will now require all students, faculty and staff who live, work and/or attend classes on campus, to get an annual influenza vaccination beginning this year. This requirement will go into effect immediately, but proof of vaccination for all students, faculty and staff will be required no later than December 15. You can find FAQs about this requirement and flu vaccines in general on DU’s COVID-19 website.

To support this effort, DU will expand its offering of no-cost influenza vaccines to all students, faculty and staff with an on-campus presence at flu clinics this fall. We will be sending notifications regarding the dates, times and locations of influenza vaccination opportunities shortly. As always, students, faculty and staff may obtain their influenza vaccination through their own healthcare provider if they prefer. 

In the coming months, combining efforts around COVID-19 mitigation (wearing face coverings, practicing good hand hygiene and social distancing) with influenza vaccination will not only help keep us healthy, but will go a long way to reduce the anticipated severe burden on our healthcare systems. These efforts will also provide the best opportunity for a safe return to campus in 2021.

Vaccine Exemptions

The University understands not everyone will be in a position to receive an influenza vaccination. The state of Colorado allows certain exemptions for medical and nonmedical reasons, and DU will honor such exemptions for the influenza vaccination. You must submit a vaccination exemption form if you wish to be exempt from this requirement.

If you have additional questions about influenza vaccines, and you are a member of DU’s faculty or staff, please contact your HR Partner. Students should reach out to the Health and Counseling Center. #DUYourPart


Michael LaFarr
Executive Director, Health and Counseling Center

Jerron Lowe
Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources