Submission & Monitoring

All research projects that will utilize recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, biological materials (e.g., infectious agents) and other potentially hazardous agents (e.g., carcinogens) must be submitted to the DU IBC for review and approval.

If you need additional assistance please contact the DU IBC Office at 303-871-2121 or through

How to Submit on IRBNet

  1. This Process Takes Time! Plan on taking several weeks to gather all your material for submission and then waiting 10 business days for a response on your application.
  2. Register at . Protocols submitted in hard copy or to an e-mail address will not be reviewed.
  3. Create a New Project (Refer to How To: Register as a New User & How To: Submit a New IBC Application)
  4. Upload All Required Documents: main application
  5. Share the Project with Research Team (if applicable)
  6. Sign the IRBNet Package
  7. Submit the Package

Submission Manuals

Post-Approval Monitoring

The IBC Office conducts annual protocol reviews through a Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) process. This process captures the same information from the previously used Annual Reports more efficiently and without the administrative burden to the investigator. The IACUC Administrator will contact the investigator one month prior to project approval anniversary date to schedule a PAM Meeting. After the meeting, the IACUC Administrator will send the PAM completion report to the investigator for their records and upload a copy into their IRBNet project package. Just like the annual reports, the PAM completion reports are eligible for administrative approval/acknowledgment if there are no significant changes to the protocol. The PAM reports will be reviewed at the IACUC meetings for a follow-up review and acknowledgment.