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The University of Denver requires all individuals to complete mandatory training who are investigators conducting research involving animals. These training modules must be completed before IACUC approval will be issued for a new project or new personnel are added to a protocol.

Through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program (, training modules are available for DU faculty, staff and students who are investigators or key personnel working with animals. For assistance with registering and completing CITI training, review the IACUC CITI Training Guide.

DU recognizes valid CITI training for four (4) years from the completion date.

  • Mandatory CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare Curriculum
    • Working with the IACUC
    • Laboratory Safety Training (MUST BE COMPLETED ANNUALLY)
    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (MUST BE COMPLETED ANNUALLY)*
      • This module is offered through CITI as of 6/1/17 and is named "I work with blood and other potential infectious material."

    * This training is only required for investigators conducting research involving Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM)

  • CITI Animal-Specific Courses

    These additional courses will be required depending on the animals involved in the research.

    • Working with Mice in Research Settings
    • Working with Rats in Research Settings
    • Working with Fish in Research Settings
    • Working with Zebrafish (Danio rerio) in Research Settings
    • Minimizing Pain and Distress - if studies have the potential to cause "more than momentary pain and distress"