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Office of Research Integrity & Education

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Recognizing Dr. Sisk for His Years as the IRB Chair & Our Community Members' Ongoing Commitment 

To celebrate and recognize Dr. Sisk’s numerous years of service as the IRB Chair, a special IRB celebration was held on May 10 in the Community Commons Building. Investigators, current and past IRB members, along with other DU affiliates gathered to express their thanks to Dr. Sisk for his service as the Chair. 

Dr. Sisk resigned as the IRB Chair after serving in that role for approximately 10 years. This spring Dr. Jenn Bellamy was appointed as the new IRB Chair and expressed her appreciation to Dr. Sisk and commented about the event, “The event was a wonderful way to honor all of the investment that Timothy “Tim” Sisk has made in the research endeavors of the university, but most importantly in my mind, on behalf of the wellbeing of the participants and the communities that the IRB is designed to protect. His role has been essential in ensuring that we continue to advance research that is just, and respects and benefits the people we engage in studies. This work is essential, but not often celebrated.” 

Special recognition was also given to the two community members who have served on the IRB for over 20 years: Annemie VanLinden and Rick Schoenhals.  As community members of the IRB, Annemie and Rick have provided a critical role, as well as fulfilling a regulatory requirement for the IRB membership.  The community members provide a unique perspective to the board by providing the voice of the study participant by ensuring that the study is clearly written, and the rights of study participants are respected. This type of community engagement is unprecedented for these types of boards and their commitment continues to be highly valued. Dr. Bellamy reflected on the role that these two community members play stating that “their contributions are extraordinary, both in terms of longevity and quality.”