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Driver Responsibilities

Driving FOR DU - Driving procedures, mvr CHECK, and  SAFETY TRAINING

All faculty, staff, students, and other persons who drive vehicles for or on behalf of the University must have their motor vehicle driving record (MVR) checked and must complete the online Driver Safety course.  Please note that it may take up to 10 business days for driving privileges to be granted. Follow the three steps below to drive for the University. You must respond to the background check and complete the driver safety course within 2 weeks of our initial contact or we will clear you from our queue. 

1. Review the DU Driving Procedures document.

2.  DRIVING RECORD CHECK.  Pursuant to the DU Driving Procedures, all faculty, staff, students, and other persons who drive vehicles for the University must have a satisfactory motor vehicle driving record (MVR).  To complete an MVR check, follow these two steps:

  1. Request an MVR check by clicking here and providing the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your preferred email address
    • Your division and department
  2. After requesting the MVR check, be on the lookout for an e-mail from HireRight requesting information that you need to provide in order to authorize and complete the check; this e-mail might go to your junk folder.  Use the link in the HireRight e-mail to provide the requested information. 

Criteria used to determine whether an MVR is acceptable to allow for DU driving privileges are found in the DU Driving Procedures.

3.  DRIVER SAFETY TRAINING.  All faculty, staff, students, and other persons who drive vehicles for the University must pass the online Driver Safety course presented by United Educators Insurance through their EduRisk portal.  The online course takes 45-60 minutes to complete.  Upon completion, you will be presented with an online certificate, which you should print and retain as confirmation of successful completion of the course.

Click here to enroll in online Driver Safety Training, which is provided through United Educators EduRisk, and then follow these instructions: 

  1. First-time users should complete all of the Registration fields towards the bottom of the screen
    1. In the first 3 fields provide your first name, last name, and DU email address
    2. In Optional Field 1 provide your affiliation (Student, Faculty, Staff, or Volunteer)
    3. In Optional Field 2 provide the name of the department that is requesting your driver clearance (e.g., Facilities, Club Sports, Undergrad Admissions, etc...).
    4. After all fields are completed, click "Register"
  2. Create a password and security question
    1. After clicking "Register," you should receive an email with a temporary password
    2. Click on the link in the email to login and change your password
    3. Enter your user name (email address) and the temporary password, and click "Login"
    4. You will be prompted to change your password and create a security question
  3. Click the button to go to the Learning Portal Home Page
  4. Under "My Courses," click "Driver Safety" and complete the Driver Safety Training course

If you have any issues with the course, you may use EduRisk's self-help website. If you still have additional problems after reading the self-help article that most closely addresses your issue, you may use the links at the bottom of the article to call, live chat, or create a ticket with the Edu Support Center.

System requirements:

  • Any current browser (if using Internet Explorer, it should be IE8 or greater)
  • The pop-up blocker should allow the site with the courses to show the pop-ups
  • Speakers or headphones for the audio segments
  • The latest version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader for the PDF resources

Questions: Contact Enterprise Risk Management at x12775 or

safety Training Programs

Check DU's Environmental Health & Safety website for training for University employees covering a number of general safety topics.  Because of the hazards associated with their job duties, many DU employees are required by law to attend safety training. Some training is offered online and usually requires a short quiz to be taken to verify content comprehension.