Employee Injuries & Workers' Compensation

All employee injuries should be reported to Enterprise Risk Management immediately by following the steps below. 

Workers’ compensation ("WC") is the University's exclusive response to medical costs for work-related injuries. 

Other common search terms for workers' compensation: worker's compensation, workman's compensation, workers compensation.

Employee Report of Injury (English) Employee Report of Injury (Español)


All employee injuries must be reported. Employees must:

  1. Sign a copy of the WC Medical Providers list (disponible en Español).
  2. Complete the Employee Report of Injury form (disponible en Español).
  3. Submit it within 24 hours of the injury occurring.

Seeking medical treatment is optional, but if an employee is going to seek medical treatment and wants it covered by workers' compensation insurance, the employee must go to a provider listed on the WC Medical Providers list.

Please review the Procedures for Employees (disponible en Español).


All employee injuries must be reported. Supervisors must:

  1. Give the injured employee the WC Medical Providers list at the time of the injury, unless it is a life-threatening/serious injury. (List in Spanish.)
  2. Conduct a thorough investigation to determine if injury could have been prevented, if additional training is necessary, etc.
  3. Fill out the Supervisor's Report.
  4. Submit the Employee's Report of Injury, Supervisors Report, and a signed copy of the WC Medical Providers list to risk@du.edu within 24 hours of the injury occurring.

Please review the Procedures for Supervisors.

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Workers' Compensation Providers Choice Letter

DU has designated medical providers to treat employees injured on the job per House Bill 1176, the Employee Choice of Physician law.

Steps for completing the Provider Choice Letter process:

  • At the time of an employee's injury, the supervisor should print two (2) copies of the Workers' Compensation Medical Providers list (available in Spanish).
  • One copy should be signed and dated by the employee and returned to the supervisor. The supervisor must scan the signed letter and send it to ERM with their Supervisor's Report.
  • The employee should keep the second copy.
  • The supervisor should write the date the letter was provided to their employee on their Supervisor's Report.
  • What else do you need to know about the Employee Choice of Physician law?

    If circumstances prevent providing the WC Provider Choice Letter at the time of injury, the letter must be provided by verifiable means within seven (7) business days of the injury notification date.

    An injured employee has the right to make a one-time change between the two medical providers by giving notice within 90 days of the injury, but before he/she reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI).

    The injured employee must request the change of medical provider in writing by submitting an approved Division of Workers’ Compensation form to the following parties:

    • The current treating physician
    • The requesting treating physician (this physician must be on the employer’s designated provider list)
    • DU's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • Pinnacol Assurance, the University’s WC insurance provider

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