DU Bike Shop

The DU Bike Shop offers free basic bike repairs and service for anyone in the DU community with a registered bike. You simply pay for the parts your repair requires, and none of the labor fees that other bike shops charge. This helps to make keeping your bike in working order much more affordable and accessible to students, faculty and staff.


We are located in the basement of Nagel Hall. The best way to get there is to enter down the stairs or ramp on the side of Nagel facing the Nagel/Nelson traffic circle. Enter the door and go to the end of the hall and you’ll find us there.


For the Spring Quarter 2024:

Monday: 12-6 pm

Tuesday: 12-6 pm

Wednesday: 12-2 pm, 4-6 pm

Thursday: 12-6 pm

Friday: 12-5 pm

Please email us at bikeshop@du.edu to schedule an appointment.

We are not open during summer, winter or spring breaks, or during finals weeks.


Get in touch anytime by emailing us at bikeshop@du.edu

Mobile Mechanics

When the sun is out and the weather is perfect for biking, you will often find the mobile bike shop set up on Carnegie or Driscoll Lawn. Our mobile mechanics are able to do quick fixes and adjustments for your bike so you can be back on two wheels in no time. Catch us during fall and spring quarters with our red repair bike! 

Want us to bring the Mobile Shop to your part of campus? Shoot us an email at bikeshop@du.edu.

Common Repairs

Our student mechanics are highly trained and able to tackle nearly any repair your bike might need. However, here is a short list of our most common repairs:

  • Common Repairs
    • Patch or replace a flat tube
    • Truing wheels
    • Adjust or replace brakes
    • Adjust derailleurs 
    • Adjust or replace the chain
    • Adjust or replace cables
    • Full tuneup


Want to learn how to take care of your own bike so you don’t have to visit us every time you break down? Every quarter we teach a variety of introductory workshops around common repairs such as flat tires, brake replacements and derailleurs. Is there a class you want that we aren’t offering? Let us know at bikeshop@du.edu.

Register Your Bike

Be sure to register and permit your bicycle thru your Parking Services Account. Registration is free and may be used to help alert bicycle owners to potential problems with their bicycle, or in the recovery process should the bicycle become lost or stolen.

Register Your Bike