DU Thrift Store

Each year when DU students move out of their on-campus dorms for the summer, a massive amount of items that would have otherwise been disposed of are collected by the Center for Sustainability. Traditionally, these items were then re-sold during fall move-in at our annual Pop-Up Thrift Store. While this diversion was great, we were still always left with tons of perfectly reusable items such as clothes, kitchen appliances, dishes, organizers, mirrors, fans, etc., that we knew students would want to buy year round if they could. So, during the Fall Quarter of 2021, we opened the doors for the first time ever to the DU Thrift Store and its associated Used Bookstore. You can reach the Thrift Store at du.thriftstore@du.edu

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Hours and Location

The Thrift Store is located in Centennial Halls and operates within the larger student recreation space on the first floor.

The Thrift Store is currently closed for renovations in the space. Keep an eye out for pop-up events around campus!



Used Bookstore

As the marketplace is run by students for students (and anyone with a DU ID number), we intake a lot of common class-required books. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a textbook, you can check out the used bookstore both in-person and online to see if we have what you need for a more affordable price. Aside from having tons of required-reading books, we also have a wide range of pleasure reads!

See our full bookstore catalog for an updated selection and fill out a request here to reserve any titles  if you want to ensure you get the books you want and need. Prices vary but will never be more than $5 for paperback books, $7 for hardcovers, $15 for textbooks in binders, and $20 for regular textbooks.

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We accept donations during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters! For clothes and appliances equaling at least $5 of value in correspondence with our store's prices, you can donate them during business hours and receive a digital $5-off coupon to the store. Please understand that this is a donation to a thrift store so we can not give coupons exceeding $5 despite the value or amount of goods donated. We also want to promote longevity of clothes so we cannot accept more than 1 bag of clothes per person per quarter.

Have a ton of things left at the end of the year? You can donate these to our Center for Sustainability collection sites at the end of Spring Quarter during move-out. Sites are located in all on-campus first and second-year dorms.