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Retiree Email

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Retiree Email

By now you may have heard that the University of Denver will no longer provide traditional E-mail accounts for students and certain affiliates on April 30, 2011. As a retiree of the University, you are entitled to keep your DU email address and it will continue to work into the future. However, between now and April 30, 2011 we'll need to move your existing E-mail messages and all future messages to another E-mail service.

To ease this transition, we are requesting that retirees either move their existing E-mail data to an off-campus provider of your choice (Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc.) or to the campus' Exchange server by March 20, 2011. Please note that your address will continue to work beyond this date - we just need to forward it to another account or move it to our Exchange system.

If you would prefer to forward your email address (or already do so now), please follow these instructions to update your preferred off-campus email account.

If you would like to use the University's Exchange system for your email address, please contact the University's Help Desk at 303-871-4700.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I do this?

We expect things to get pretty busy, so it is probably a good idea to make the move soon.

May I continue to use my address?

Your E-mail address AND your E-mail address will continue to work, regardless of whether you forward your E-mail off campus, or use the Exchange server.

What if I already forward my mail?

Retirees already forwarding their E-mail to an off-campus provider can continue to do so. If you have messages stored in your WebMail account and you would like to save those messages, you will need to forward those messages to your off-campus account prior to April 30, 2011.

How do I forward my email?

To forward your E-mail to an off-campus E-mail address, simply log onto, select the "myWeb" tab, and "Update E-mail Addresses" under "Personal Information". Insert a new Personal E-mail address, or edit an existing address and mark it as "Preferred". That’s it! You may change your off-campus personal preferred E-mail address at any time. The address will update automatically within one hour of the change. Complete step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Note: There is a 10-day grace period in which all the E-mails in your DU E-mail account/box must be moved; 10 days after the Preferred E-mail account is set up, E-mails in your account will be deleted. The address will still work and mail will be forwarded, but the account's data will be removed 10 days after the forward is set.

What is the "Exchange System"?

The University has an E-mail and calendaring system dedicated to Faculty and Staff. The Exchange system is intended to be more business-oriented than a standard E-mail service. There is a web interface for Exchange E-mail accounts at Retirees are entitled to use this system, as well. To learn more about Exchange, please visit

Which e-mail system am I using today?

If you log on to, or to check your E-mail, then you are using standard DU email (the system we are decommissioning). If you use to check your mail, or if you have the ability to share calendars with other E-mail users, you are using Exchange.

Retirees already using the University's Exchange server for E-mail can continue using the same service beyond April 30, 2011. If you have messages stored in your WebMail account and you would like to save those messages, you will need to move them to your Exchange account prior to April 30, 2011. UTS will provide a self-service utility for moving your messages from WebMail to Exchange during the winter quarter, 2011.

On April 30, 2011, the webMail service will no longer be available and any messages still stored in webMail will be deleted. Retirees choosing not to use Exchange must forward their mail to an off campus E-mail provider.

Who will move my mail for me?

While we cannot assist with copying existing E-mail to an off-campus provider, if you would like help saving your DU E-mail locally to your laptop or desktop, or need further guidance, please contact the UTS Help Desk at 303-871-4700. If you would like to move your email to the campus' new email system, Microsoft Exchange, please see below.

How can I copy my E-mails stored in my DU E-mail account to the Exchange system?

You will need to take action before April 30, 2011 to either move your old contacts and mail from Webmail to the campus' new email system, Microsoft Exchange. There is also an option to simply close and disable your Webmail account without moving the old content.

Please follow these instructions at your earliest convenience:

1)Check and see how much mail you have in your account: Login to with your DU ID and PioneerWeb passcode to examine your Webmail content and decide whether you wish to transfer this content to Exchange.

2) Move your email to the campus' Exchange email system: Login to the DU Email Account Manager at with your DU ID and PioneerWeb passcode and look for the "Move Mail" link in the navigation bar on the left of the page (if you do not have a link for "Move Mail" then there may be a problem with your account; please contact the UTS Help Desk at 1-4700 if this is the case). Click the Move Mail link and from here you can download your address book contents, move your email content to Exchange and then close your Webmail account, or simply close your Webmail account without moving any of your content.

The process is automatic from this point on.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the UTS Help Desk at 303-871-4700 or submit a support quest at for further assistance.