Disability Accommodations

Disability services

As part of our commitment to creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity, we support our students as they participate in our programs, courses and activities. Our Disability Services Program is an essential element of this effort.

Upon acceptance to the University, you'll be matched with a Disability Services Program accommodations specialist who will help you navigate our services. All accommodations offered to students with disabilities are provided free of cost. We can't change University curricula, but we'll do what we can to ensure you have equal access to opportunity.

Services Offered

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Test Accommodations

If you need extended time, minimal distractions or other accommodations, you may take your tests through the Disability Services Program Testing Center. At the start of every quarter, you'll meet with your professors, share information about your approved accommodations, and sign up for tests and quizzes you're planning to take at the center.

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Assistive Technology

We offer devices, software and tech training through the LAARK Assistive Technology Lab, as well as alternate format materials. Resources offered include:

  • Braille Embosser
  • Dictation software
  • Literacy software
  • Note-taking technology
  • Text-to-speech software
  • Audiobooks and e-books
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Employment Resources

We make sure students have a full understanding of their rights and are prepared to advocate for themselves at work. The Disability Services Program will connect you with resources and organizations that will ensure you have competitive career opportunities and the knowledge to maximize them.

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In-class Assistance

If needed, we can pair you with peer notetakers, classmates who competently and confidentially provide class notes. We also will match you with oral interpreters if necessary.

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Logistical Accommodations

We're happy to make logistical adjustments available to you when necessary. Perhaps you need to register early or seek a change in class location. We'll do everything we can to help.

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Testing & Counseling

If you need new or updated psychological testing or counseling services, on-campus options include:

  • Health and Counseling Center
  • Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • Morgridge College of Education

Transition to College

The laws around the rights and responsibilities of the University in regards to students with disabilities differ from those you've navigated in high school. You'll be responsible for voluntarily disclosing your disability, providing documentation and requesting appropriate accommodations. These may be different from those you received in high school.

In college, you'll advocate for yourself. We offer a student handbook that outlines your rights and responsibilities and that prepares you for your greater role in managing your education and accommodations. Though the services may change, it's important you inform us about your past, so we're able to provide the right support.

Accommodations Policy

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    The University of Denver is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access and participation in academic areas and other programs sponsored by the University as mandated by federal law. The process for granting qualified students with documented disabilities accommodations to obtain equal access is managed by Disability Services Program (DSP). Students requesting disability accommodations engage in a collaborative process with DSP staff that includes disclosing the disability(ies) and providing appropriate documentation.

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    Faculty should only implement accommodations approved by the DSP staff. The DSP staff will provide students with a Faculty Letter that describes approved classroom accommodations. Students are responsible for providing this letter to faculty prior to needing the accommodation.

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    Disability and accommodation information should be kept private, and only shared with other University personnel who have a legitimate educational need to know to be in compliance with relevant laws.

Regan Linton

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DU alumna Regan Linton made theater history this fall when she became the first person in a wheelchair to be named artistic director of a major U.S. theater company.

She directs Phamaly, a renowned Denver troupe that produces plays and musicals cast entirely of performers with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

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