University Budget & Planning

Aligning Resources to Strategic Priorities

University Budget & Planning develops an operating budget that's aligned with the University's mission as a great private university dedicated to the public good. Timely reports from the Institutional Research aid our decision-making, planning and policy-formulation processes.

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    Setting tuition levels

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    Establishing merit increase pools

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    Modeling the multi-year budgetary impact of changing programs, policies and process changes

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    Managing faculty personnel policy implementation



Key Faculty & Staff

  • Linda Kosten portrait

    Linda Kosten

    Dr. Linda Kosten has served in this office since 2006 as Assistant Provost, Associate Provost, Senior Associate Provost and now Vice Provost for Budget, Planning & Administration. Prior to joining the Provost’s Office, Linda served as the Director of Budget and Planning for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences divisions at DU, and worked in DU’s Department of Residence prior to that. Linda received her bachelor’s degree from University of California Santa Cruz, and her MA and Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Denver. The Office of Institutional Research & Analysis works closely with Linda’s budget team to inform strategic planning and decision making at the University.

  • Joe Benson

    Joe Benson

    Joe Benson has served in this office since 2016. Prior to joining the Provost’s Office, Joe served as Assistant Controller, Director of Budget and Planning for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics division, Director of University Business Services, Director of Student Financial Services, and Director of Budgeting for the Daniels College of Business. Joe received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming.

  • Clint Emmerich

    Clint Emmerich

    Dr. Clint Emmerich has served in this office since 2017. Prior to joining the Provost’s Office, Clint served as Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration for the Sturm College of Law, Financial Analyst in the Controller’s Office, and Student Organizations Comptroller in the Student Life division. Clint received his BSBA, MBA, and Ed.D. from the University of Denver.

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We are committed to transparency and provide access to the University’s Budget Transmittal to all DU employees on the Employee Tab in PioneerWeb. Furthermore, we welcome questions from the community.

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In concert with other campus offices, we offer planning tools and training on the University’s budget, finance and human resource systems and processes. Our supplied resources include information, training documents, and professional development tools for business officers through a course in Canvas.


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