Financial Wellness

CashCourse Financial Literacy Program

Many students do not have the opportunity to learn financial skills in school or at home. DU is committed to providing resources for our students on how to manage money and create financial freedom, which is why we've partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education to bring DU students a FREE online financial literacy resource called CashCourse.

CashCourse is a web-based, self-directed financial literacy program that provides students with financial information, tips and skills necessary to be financially successful. The interactive format will help you navigate the world of money through realistic content that relates to your everyday college experiences. You have online access to important financial information throughout your time at DU that reinforces the time- and financial-management skills you need to get through school and prepare for future financial challenges.

Courses include:

  • Creating a budget and tips to save money
  • Financial aid and paying back student loans
  • How to get and keep a good credit score
  • Saving, investing and retirement benefits
  • Comparing job offers and calculating future salary
  • Shopping and spending tips

When you register for your own CashCourse account, you will provide your name and email address and create a password. Select the University of Denver during registration.

Get financially prepared!

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Additional Resources

  • Booklets
  • Worksheets
    • 10 Steps to Balancing Your Checking Account
      Keep track of funds and see how much money has gone in and out of a bank account by entering in the checkbook balance, bank balance and any outstanding checks.
    • Monthly Budget
      Set goals and a budget for each category, and then compare income and expenses to see if the budget needs an adjustment.
    • Needs Versus Wants
      One of the most difficult choices to make when budgeting is how much to spend on non-essentials. Use this worksheet to create a list of things you need and things you want, and then brainstorm less-expensive alternatives to the wants.
    • Study Abroad Budget
      Studying abroad carries different expenses than are typically found in a monthly budget or annual college costs budget. Use this worksheet to calculate the costs of a study abroad trip.
    • Debt Recovery Worksheet
      Organize and create a strategy for repaying multiple loan and debt obligations by listing payments, interest rates and loan balances for outstanding debts.



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