Budgeting and Saving

Sticking to and maintaining a monthly budget will help you to reach your financial goals by allowing you to save money. Think about investing additional income which can help you to reach your goals quicker. For first time budgeters and investors, it is beneficial to write down your financial goals and your monthly budget. Use this example budget to get started.

Make sure to clearly differentiate needs (housing, groceries, bills, etc.) from wants (ski pass, concert tickets, coffee, eating out, etc.). Focusing your spending on needs will allow you to set money aside for savings and/or to help pay off debts.

Using a budget and focusing on your needs does not need to limit your ability to have fun as a student and explore all that Denver has to offer. As a student, you will have countless opportunities for discounts simply by showing your student ID or DU Zone card. Take advantage of technology discounts through the DU Bookstore and free or extremely discounted tickets to athletic events.

Budgeting and saving is important throughout your lifetime. Utilize this tool to explore your career options and earning potential to help budget as you prepare for your first job upon graduation.

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