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It's almost time! You're probably busy planning your arrival on campus, and there is a lot you'll want to know. We're here to support you, from our health and safety services to our student clubs and organizations. Our campus is an active community full of ways to get involved, and our students and faculty are dedicated to helping you make DU your home.

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    Health & Counseling

    Our on-campus Health & Counseling Center provides medical and mental health services for students. Staffed by healthcare professionals, the HCC is open to all students, and most services are free under our Student Health Insurance Plan. It's also the home of the Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment, a support service for victims of sexual assault.


    > Health & Counseling Center

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    Campus Safety

    We're invested in providing a safe, healthy environment for our students, and Campus Safety is always on call, ready to respond within minutes. In addition to the 95 Blue Light Emergency Phones located all over campus, Safety officers are available to provide a walking escort after hours.


    > Campus Safety

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    Disability Services

    Our Student Disability Services provide equal access for students with disabilities, ensuring all programs and activities are available for every student on campus. Additionally, our Learning Effectiveness Program helps students with learning differences achieve at a high academic level.


    > Student Disability Services

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Smile for the camera!

Make sure to submit your Pioneer ID photo before you arrive on campus.

Submit your ID Photo

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Life On & Off Campus

Once on campus, you'll be surrounded by fellow DU students in a dedicated community of scholars and adventurers. Take some time to research the Denver area and all that Colorado has to offer, from the nearby Washington Park and Pearl Street districts to our city's bustling downtown and the Rocky Mountains to the west.

There's plenty to do on campus, too. Your orientation activities will keep you busy when you arrive, and your classmates will help introduce you to all the student organizations and activities you can join at DU. Check out everything we have to offer, from club sports to volunteer organizations.

Explore Student Life

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Visit the DU Bookstore

Look no further than the DU bookstore when it's time to buy your textbooks.

Purchase Your Books


Career & Professional Development

Take advantage of DU's extensive career and professional development resources to explore job and internship opportunities and develop the skills necessary to succeed in your career journey. Learn about the many programs, events and individual advising options available to DU students and alumni.

Career & Professional Development


Transportation Options

You can bring a car to campus, as long as you purchase a DU parking permit. There are also several car, bike, and scooter sharing programs in the area as an alternative to bringing your own vehicle. If you're looking to get around the city, you can use the RTD College Transit Pass given to all students for free. There is a light rail station at the north end of campus and there are numerous bus stops nearby. DU also offers a free shuttle, which makes regular stops around campus, so there are plenty of ways to get where you need to go!

Transportation & Parking


Buying a Laptop

You're required to have a laptop while you're studying at DU. We recommend you plan ahead and buy a computer before you arrive on campus. However, the DU bookstore offers special prices for students on Windows and Apple laptops, as well as the software you'll need. Check out our recommendations for computer specifications and what to bring (and not bring!) to campus so you can get the most out of your laptop.

Laptop Recommendations

Medical Requirements

  • Vaccination requirements

    Measles, Mumps and Rubella, Meningococcal Disease, and Influenza:

    • Colorado state law requires you to submit proof of two doses of vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). Exemptions for medical or non-medical reasons may be submitted. You'll also need to review information on meningococcal disease (meningitis). Proof of immunization (or an exemption request) must be submitted by June 1 for students starting in the fall quarter.
    • Additionally, the University of Denver requires that all students, faculty and staff submit proof of annual influenza (flu) vaccination. Exemptions for medical or non-medical reasons may be submitted.
    • Read more and submit immunization documents here

    COVID-19 Immunization: 

    • DU requires that all students, faculty and staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Exemptions for medical or religious reasons may be submitted. 
    • Read more about the COVID-19 immunization requirement here

    Tuberculosis Screening:

    • You will receive a tuberculosis questionnaire from our Health and Counseling Center. If you've traveled to or are from a country with high tuberculosis risk, we may ask you to submit further documentation.
  • Health insurance requirement

    We require all students to have health care coverage. You'll be automatically enrolled in our Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless you provide proof of other adequate health insurance from another source.

    If you decide to stay on a family or individual health plan, please waive your DU insurance by the third Friday after the start of classes. You can waive your DU insurance on MyDU. In this case, you'll be asked to provide proof of health insurance, including a copy of your insurance card.

    If you would like to join DU's health plan, we encourage you to accept coverage before you arrive on campus.

    If you're under 18, please provide parent or guardian consent so you can be treated at our Health and Counseling Center.