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Important dates for incoming students​​

Check off those boxes.

Once you've submitted your deposit, you'll want to remember some key dates while you're preparing to start college with us. Use this page as a reference, and make sure to mark down orientation and move-in days on your calendar! Please also reference the New Student Registration website and the Discoveries Orientation website for other important information.

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Key Dates & Deadlines for Students Starting in Fall Quarter

  • Before May 1

    Step 1: Visit DU!

    One of your first steps is to schedule a virtual visit to campus. In addition to daily visits, we also offer special programs for admitted students during our week-long Journey to DU virtual programs. Be watching for your special invitation.

    Step 2: Make sure you've applied for need-based aid

    If you'd like to be considered for need-based financial aid, and if you haven't completed the applications already, make sure to submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and CSS Profile. You may need to submit additional verification documents (but only if requested). 

    Mid-March - Review and accept your financial aid offer in PioneerWeb.

    Step 3: Apply for additional programs

    February 16 – Priority deadline to apply to the Honors ProgramLiving Learning Community and Pioneer Leadership Program.

    March 1 - Early deadline to apply to Access and Transition Programs (ELI, E-STEM and 1GenU)

    April 6 – Final deadline to apply to the Living Learning CommunityHonors Program and Pioneer Leadership Program.

    May 25 - Final deadline to apply to Access and Transition Programs (ELI, E-STEM and 1GenU)

    Step 4: Submit your admission response & deposit (Deadline May 1)

    Submit your admission response form and deposit  and notify other colleges of your decision to attend the University of Denver. Even a quick email is fine. 

    Step 5: Verify your new DU email address.

    The University of Denver will contact you with instructions to set-up your DU email in early May. These instructions will be sent to the email address with which you applied to DU. If that email address is connected to your high school, we recommend verifying that you will have access to it through the end of May and please keep an eye out for the email from DU. Starting in May, the University will be sending critical information to your DU email address throughout your transition to campus; please check your DU email regularly. You can verify your DU email address by following these instructions.

  • May

    Complete your transition tasks

    Step 1: Submit your Official Transcripts and AP/IB scores.

    FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: Before the end of your senior year, or just after graduation, ask your high school to send DU your final official high school transcript. **If you took any concurrent or dual enrollment college courses then you need to submit these transcripts as well.

    Your final transcript(s) must be received by June 20. Make sure to send your final transcripts as early as possible to ensure that you'll be able to register for classes on time in late July!

    TRANSFER STUDENTS: Official college transcripts must be received via a secure online transcript service or in a sealed envelope directly from the college/university to be considered official. Photocopies, scans, faxes, emails, and any other unofficial electronic or paper transcripts will not complete this requirement.

    Please have transcripts sent to:
    University of Denver
    Undergraduate Admission
    2197 South University Boulevard
    Denver, CO 80208-9401

    For the most updated information on transfer credits and submitting official transcripts, please see the Office of the Registrar's website.

    To see how your transfer credit was received (please allow time for your credit to be processed), see your degree audit.

    In addition to official transcripts, if you took AP or IB courses, you need to confirm that your official scores are submitted directly to DU.

    To request that your AP scores be sent to the University of Denver, you should do so the day of your exam(s), but you can also make the request afterwards through the AP portal (school code is 4842).

    For official IB scores, if you make the request before July 5 you should contact your school's Diploma Program Coordinator to have them submit a request to IB on your behalf. For requests after July 5th, IB graduates can request for their transcripts to be sent to colleges directly by placing a request through the IB portal.

    Step 2: Take care of your finances.

    Accept your financial aid offer and set up your DUPay portal.

    Step 3: Apply for Housing.

    Click here for the Housing Application. If you live within 25 miles of the DU campus, you may be eligible to waive the on-campus housing requirement. You can find conditions and instructions on the Housing Release Form.

    June 15 - Deadline to apply for Access and Transitions Programs housing (contact Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence or the Transitions Program Coordinator for additional information). 

    Step 4: Submit your proof of immunization.

    Submit proof of immunity (or a completed and signed Certificate of Exemption Form) by June 1 (see Health and Counseling Center website for additional information). Your ability to register for classes may be impacted if your proof of immunity or an exemption form is not received in time. Proof of immunity before course registration is required by Colorado State law.

    Step 5: Begin your Discoveries Online Orientation Tasks 

    Discoveries Online is your summer orientation course that will provide you with important information on you transition to DU. Additional information on academics, university resources, the DU Honor Code, and required EverFi educational courses around alcohol, sexual assault prevention, and diversity, inclusion, and equity are all included as a part of students virtual orientation. These must be completed prior to arrival on campus for your in-person Discoveries Orientation.

    Learn More

    Step 6: Submit your DU ID photo online.

    Your DU ID Card is the way that you access buildings on campus, spend flex money, use meal swipes at the dining hall and get student discounts at locations across Denver and Colorado. This is also how you receive your RTD ID Card, which allows you free transport on all Denver buses and trains. You will need this ID card from your first day on campus, so make sure to submit your ID photo online and your Pioneer ID Card will be printed and ready for you at check-in for Discoveries Orientation in early September. NOT submitting the photo ahead of time will mean you will need to wait in long lines the day-of to get your photo taken and printed at the ID Card office. Don’t forget to complete this important step! The deadline for online submissions: Monday, August 30.

  • June

    Do your registration research

    Step 1: Take the Language Placement Exam

    Students who plan to continue studying a language must take the placement exam prior to July 1. If students do not complete and submit a placement test for a previously studied language by July 1, results may not be processed in time for summer registration. This may prevent students from registering for their preferred language class until the beginning of the fall quarter. Students who plan to begin studying a new language at DU do not need to take a placement exam and should register for the 1001 level. Please visit the Center for World Languages & Cultures website for the most up-to-date information. 

    Step 2: Utilize the math advising tool 

    The math advising tool is for all incoming students. Depending on their intended major, transferred math courses and other considerations, the math advising tool will indicate which math course, if any, is required. If MATH 1200 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences or MATH 1951 Calculus I is required, the math advising tool will administer a math proficiency survey (approximately 45 minutes and 20 algebra questions) to test the level of preparation for these courses – the score will be recorded and students will receive a recommendation concerning math courses by email in early July. In order to ensure that you can register for the appropriate math class during New Student Registration in late July, the deadline to complete the Math Advising Tool is July 1.

    Majors that require Math 1951 or Math 1200

    • Biochemistry
    • Biological Sciences
    • Business (all degrees)
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Ecology and Biodiversity
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Environmental Science (Bachelor of Science degree only)
    • Integrated Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Molecular Biology
    • Physics

    Step 3: Accept DU’s Billing Agreement

    All students are required to sign a yearly Billing Agreement. The Billing Agreement commits you to paying your tuition and fees each year while at the University of Denver. You will not be permitted to complete registration until you electronically sign this agreement. For students under the age of 18, a hard copy of the billing agreement will be mailed to your mailing address earlier in the summer. Your parent or guardian must sign it. Once you are 18, you will need to sign the agreement online. A registration hold is placed on your account until the agreement is signed. To view this hold and complete the agreement, please log in to PioneerWeb. Once there, click the Student tab, and navigate to "My Statement | Billing Agreement". Video instructions on how to complete the agreement are also available.

    Step 4: Prepare for New Student Registration.

    Keep in mind as you move through the following advising resources that a typical schedule consists of four 4 credit courses, totaling 16 credits. For first-year students, one of these courses will be your required First-Year Seminar (FSEM).

    1. Watch our advising videos. These videos provide information on fall course options for undeclared students, and presentations from each of the colleges about majors within their programs.
    2. Read about the Common Curriculum. An undergraduate at the University typically takes 52 to 60 credits in the Common Curriculum, in addition to classes within their major(s) or minor(s) of study.
    3. Select 3 - 5 top First Year Seminar choices (First-year students only). A small and rigorous four-credit course, the First-Year Seminar (FSEM) is the first course in the Common Curriculum and introduces first year students to the academic values and norms of the University community. Transfer students are exempt from this course.
    4. Refer to the sample course plans in our bulletin and explore which classes are required or recommended for your degree in your major/minor.
    5. Watch our instructional registration videos to learn how to navigate our registration system.

    Step 5: Plan Several Fall Quarter Schedules

    Now that you’ve done your research and understand how DU’s curriculum is structured, you can explore specific class offerings in PioneerWeb > Student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | Plan Ahead. When planning, keep in mind additional seats in some courses may be available during new student fall quarter registration (July 19 – 23), however, students should create at least three sample course plans and remain flexible if their first-choice courses are full.

    Step 6: Schedule an advising session with an Academic Advisor

    Check your DU email for a message from Academic Advising with instructions for how to set up an advising session with your advisor. They'll help you plan your schedule and answer any questions you may have about majors, minors, pre-requisites or FSEMs. This meeting is required before fall quarter registration.

  • July

    Register for Classes

    Step 1: Check Registration Time Ticket in PioneerWeb

    Starting July 1, you can check your registration time ticket in PioneerWeb. Your registration time ticket tells you the earliest time and date you can register for the Fall classes. You can find your time ticket by logging into PioneerWeb. Navigate to your student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | My Student Profile > Registration Notices (upper left corner) > Your registration time ticket will be displayed starting July 1. Make sure you have selected Fall Quarter 2021 in the upper left hand corner. If you have holds that prevent registration they will also be displayed here, make sure you have zero holds by the start of your registration time ticket.

    Video instructions on how to view your registration time ticket are also available.

    Step 2: Verify DU has received your transfer credit, AP or IB scores.

    AP and IB results are received in large batches starting in late July. It can take at least a couple of weeks to process these scores and subsequently award the appropriate transfer credit. Please log in to Pioneer Web > Student (tab) > My Profile > Prior Education and Testing (left hand side) and your scores will be displayed. If they have not been received by the beginning of your registration time ticket, please refer to the DU AP and IB equivalencies information to guide your registration.

    For AP scores: Log in to College Board and verify that your scores were sent to school code 4842.

    For IB scores only: Use the IB portal to send IB scores to DU.

    To see how your credit, including transfer credit, was received (please allow time for your credit to be processed), see your degree audit.

    Step 3: Register for Classes (July 19 - 23)

    You can register by logging in to PioneerWeb > Student tab > Advising and Registration Tools | Registration. Registration will be easier if you register for classes using a laptop or desktop computer, not your phone or other mobile device. 

    When you are in the registration system, pushing the "Add" button next to a class puts it into the "Summary" box on the lower right-hand side of your screen, as a pending course. However, you must push "Submit" in the lower right-hand corner to register for a course. If you have added courses to your Summary but did not register for them by pushing "Submit," you will need to search again for classes to add to your schedule. You are registered once the Status in the Summary box says "Registered" in green instead of "Pending" in light grey.

    REMINDER: You will be unable to register if you have any holds on your account, (ex: your billing agreement and proof of immunization). If you have any of these holds, refer to the instructions earlier in this checklist to complete these tasks as soon as possible.

    Step 4: Verify you have registered for classes

    Log in to PioneerWeb after you have registered for classes and navigate to your Student Tab. Select your first quarter term (e.g. Fall Quarter 2021) in the drop down under Student Grades and your course schedule will be displayed.

    Step 5: Get Your Housing Assignment

    Get your room and roommate assignmentStudents will receive their housing assignment (and roommate assignment, if applicable) as well as their move-in date and time during the week of July 26 via their DU email. 

    Step 6: Get information on DU technology requirements

    Now that you know your classes. Get information on DU technology requirements and, if needed, place laptop orders through the bookstore by July 31 to ensure that they are available to pick up when you arrive, or make plans to purchase a laptop at a local computer store prior to Discoveries Orientation. Visit the New Student Technology Help Guide for additional information and reach out to DU Information Technology if you require technology assistance.

  • August

    Prepare for arrival

    Step 1: Order Textbooks and Submit Alternate Format Text Request

    Order the required textbooks and course materials for your Fall Quarter classes through the DU Bookstore. You can request to pick them up during Discoveries Orientation. 

    Students approved for the academic accommodation of Alternate Format Text (AFT) through the Disability Services Program (DSP) should submit book requests by the week of August 9. This will better ensure that textbooks will be ready before classes begin but requests can be submitted at any time. Please submit a request form for each desired textbook. Requests can be made by completing this Alternate Format Text Request Form.

    For more information about accommodation request visit the DSP webpage or call them at 303-871-3241.

    Step 2: Register Parents & Family Members for Orientation

    More details about Parent & Family Orientation can be found on the Parent & Family Engagement website.

    Step 3: Pay Your Tuition

    Late August - Fall Quarter tuition is due. Check the Registrar's and Bursar's websites for full details and other payment deadlines. 

    Step 4: Complete your Discoveries Online Course

    The online course must be completed prior to Move-In Days.

    Step 5: Accept or waive your health insurance online

  • September

    Orientation & classes begin!

    Week of September 6 - 12 – New Student Move-In Days and Discoveries Orientation. If you are an International Student, learn more about International Student Move-In and Orientation on the International Student & Scholar Services website.

    September 11 – Fall Quarter classes begin!

Key Dates & Deadlines for Students Starting in Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarter

  • Winter Quarter

    NOV 2020 - Make the decision to come to DU!

    • Step 1: Review your Financial Aid Offer. Review and Accept your financial aid offer and set up your DUPay portal. Get those finances in order.
    • Step 2: Review Major and Minor Requirements at DU. Review your credit audit and check out the majors and minors offered at DU to make sure our programs align with your desired area of study through The DU Bulletin: The University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin has been prepared by the faculty and administration to serve as the governing document for University's undergraduate academic programs, courses and policies.
    • Step 3: Submit Admission Response Form & Deposit. Now that you’ve confirmed you’re financially and academically ready to come to DU, Submit your admission response form and deposit and notify other colleges of your decision to attend the University of Denver by December 1st!
    • Step 4: Secure Your Housing. Coming to DU may mean a relocation for you to Denver. If you would like to live in DU on-campus housing, apply via the Housing Application. If you would prefer to live off campus and would like assistance with this process, utilize our off-campus housing resources.
    • Step 5: Set Up Your DU Email: Begin checking your DU email address! As a newly-admitted student you will receive an email or letter indicating that your DU email address has been created and that your email account is available on Office 365. All important university correspondence will go to this email address so it is important that you get in the habit of checking it often. For questions about your email address or Office365 reference this Information Technology website.
    • Step 6: Submit Proof of Immunization. You will also need to submit proof of immunity. DU is required to have this information prior to allowing students to register for classes. See Health and Counseling Center website for additional information.

    NOV-DEC 2020 Register for classes!

    • Step 7: Prep your best course plan: Take a look below at the language and math placement tools below. It will greatly help you and your academic advisor develop an appropriate course plan if you have already taken these assessments prior to your advising appointment. 
      • Students who plan to continue studying a foreign language should take the language placement exam . Students beginning a new foreign language do not need to take this as they will start in the beginner course.
      • Use the math placement advising tool to determine the appropriate level math course.
    • Step 8: Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to create a course plan that works with your needs and get your pin lifted so that you can register for classes.
      • Monday, November 2, 2020: Advising and Registration Period begins for new students for Winter Quarter 2021. Winter Quarter course registration will begin on Friday, November 20.
      • Non-Business Majors
        Academic Advising, located in the Driscoll Student Center South, Suite 30 (below the DU bookstore)
        • Click here to schedule an appointment. Indicate in the comment section if you would prefer a phone or Zoom/Skype appointment.
        • Phone: 303-871-2455
        • Questions:
    • Business Majors, and those needing to go through the secondary admission process for Business:
      Daniels Office of Undergraduate Programs, located in Margery Reed Hall, 1st floor
      • Schedule an appointment online
      • Phone: 303-871-6910
    • Step 9: Discoveries Orientation is a required program for all incoming students to the University. This program is completed in two parts: an online course and training which will open on November 2nd, and a virtual orientation the week of December 14th.
      • Complete the Discover DU Online Canvas Course and EverFi Trainings before arrival to campus. You can access both of these trainings here
      • Download the DU Crimson Connect app to access event information for Discoveries Orientation (online) during the week of December 14th.
      • Are you eligible for the GI BIll ®Visit the DU Veteran Services website for information and assistance on applying your benefits to your studies at DU.

    DEC 2020 – Attend Discoveries Orientation & Prepare for Arrival to Campus

    JAN 2021 – Arrive on Campus

    • Step 16: TRANSFER STUDENTS: Submit your final transcripts once grades have posted in January, to receive an updated credit audit (mail to Undergraduate Admission Offices at 2197 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80208-9401.)
    • Step 17: Start classes! Winter Quarter begins on January 11th, 2021. 
      • Sunday, January 3: Last day to register without a late registration fee via web.
      • Sunday, January 17: Last day of 100% Refund for dropped classes. Last Day to enroll in a course without instructor’s approval.
  • Spring Quarter

    • Early March 2021 - Advising and registration for Spring Quarter 2021 begins.
    • March 22 - Spring quarter tuition payment due.
    • March 26 - On-campus new student orientation.
    • March 29 - Spring classes begin.
  • Summer Quarter

    • Please contact Discoveries Orientation to arrange a mandatory individualized orientation date. Plan on bringing your laptop to orientation.
    • June 14 - Summer 2021 classes begin.
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