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Important Dates

Important dates for incoming students​​

Check off those boxes.

Once you've submitted your deposit, you'll want to remember some key dates while you're preparing to start college with us. Use this page as a reference, and make sure to mark down orientation and move-in days on your calendar! Please also reference the New Student Registration website and the Discoveries Orientation website for other important dates and deadlines.

Key Dates to Remember

  • For students starting in the Fall quarter
    • May 1st - Submit your admission response form and deposit and apply for Housing through the Housing Application and notify other colleges of your decision to attend the University of Denver. Even a quick email is fine. If you live within 45 miles of the DU campus, you may be eligible to waive the on-campus housing requirement. You can find conditions and instructions on the Housing Release Form.
    • As soon as possible - Send your final transcripts, along with the results from any AP or IB exam(s), to Undergraduate Admission at 2197 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80208-9401. DU's AP code is 4842. Also, it is important to find and verify your new DU email address as early as possible. We will be sending critical information to your DU email address throughout the summer; please check your DU email regularly. You can verify your DU email address by following these instructions
    • May 17th - Request a complimentary copy of the One Book One DU common reading book, The Newcomers, by May 17, 2019. As part of the One Book One DU program, all incoming undergraduates will be reading a common book and responding to a Prompt, which will be shared during Discoveries Welcome Week. Questions? Email: [email protected].
    • June 1st - Submit proof of immunity. See Health and Counseling Center website for additional information.
    • July 1st - Students who plan to begin studying a new language at DU do not need to take a placement exam and should register for the 1001 level. Students who plan to continue studying a language must take the placement exam prior to July 1st. If students do not complete and submit a placement test for a previously studied language by July 1st, results may not be processed in time for summer registration. This may prevent students from registering for their preferred language class until the beginning of the fall quarter. Please visit the Center for World Languages & Cultures website for the most up-to-date information. There is also a brief math advising tool for all incoming students. This helps our faculty gauge your experience in mathematics and recommend math courses for you to take at DU. The survey consists of 20 algebra questions, and should take around 45 minutes to complete. In order to ensure that you can register for the appropriate math class later in July, the deadline to complete the Math Advising Tool is July 1st.
    • July 15th – July 19th – Summer Undergraduate Registration opens. You will receive instructions to view your time ticket and how to register in the spring. Additional information can be found on the New Student Registration website
    • July 22nd - Get your room and roommate assignment (this information will only be available after July 22 and is dependent on registering for your fall courses).
    • July 31st - Get information on DU technology requirements and place laptop orders through the bookstore by July 31st to ensure that they are available to pick up when you arrive, or make plans to purchase a laptop at a local computer store prior to Discoveries Orientation. Visit the New Student Technology Help Guide for additional information and reach out to DU Information Technology if you require technology assistance.
    • Aug 22nd - Fall Quarter tuition is due. Check the Registrar's and Bursar's websites for full details and other payment deadlines. 
    • Aug 28th - International student residence hall move-in day.
    • Aug 29th - Send registration form for any family members who are planning to attend Discoveries Orientation.
    • Aug 30th - Pre-orientation program residence hall move-in day (JETT Program, ELI, 1GenU, Denver Promise, VIP).
    • Sept 2nd - Residence hall move-in day.
    • Sept 3rd - Sept 8th - Discoveries Orientation. More information can be found on the Discoveries website.
    • Sept 9th - Fall classes begin.
    • Sept 29th - Accept or waive your health insurance online.
  • For students starting in the Winter quarter

    NOV - Make the decision to come to DU!

    • Step 1: Review your Financial Aid Offer. Review and Accept your financial aid offer and set up your DUPay portal. Get those finances in order.
    • Step 2: Review Major and Minor Requirements at DU. Review your credit audit and check out the majors and minors offered at DU to make sure our programs align with your desired area of study through The DU Bulletin: The University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin has been prepared by the faculty and administration to serve as the governing document for University's undergraduate academic programs, courses and policies.
    • Step 3: Submit Admission Response Form & Deposit. Now that you’ve confirmed you’re financially and academically ready to come to DU, Submit your admission response form and deposit and notify other colleges of your decision to attend the University of Denver by December 1st!
    • Step 4: Secure Your Housing. Coming to DU may mean a relocation for you to Denver. If you would like to live in DU on-campus housing, apply via the Housing Application. If you would prefer to live off campus and would like assistance with this process, utilize our off-campus housing resources.
    • Step 5: Set Up Your DU Email: Begin checking your DU email address! As a newly admitted student you will receive an email or letter indicating that your DU email address has been created and that your email account is available on Office 365. All important university correspondence will go to this email address so it is important that you get in the habit of checking it often. For questions about your email address or Office365 reference this Information Technology website.

    NOV-DEC Register for classes!

    • Step 6: Submit Proof of Immunization. Before anything else you need to submit proof of immunity. DU is required to have this information prior to allowing students to register for classes. See Health and Counseling Center website for additional information.
    • Step 7: Prep your best course plan: Take a look below at the language and math tools below. It will greatly help you and your academic advisor develop an appropriate course plan if you have already taken these assessments prior to your advising appointment. 
      • Students who plan to continue studying a foreign language should take the language placement exam . Students beginning a new foreign language do not need to take this as they will start in the beginner course.
      • Use the math placement advising tool to determine the appropriate level math course.
    • Step 8: Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to create a course plan that works with your needs and get your pin lifted so that you can register for classes.
      • Non-Business Majors
        Academic Advising, located in the Driscoll Student Center South, Suite 30 (below the DU bookstore)
        Click here to schedule an appointment. Indicate in the comment section if you would prefer a phone or Zoom/Skype appointment.
        • Phone: 303-871-2455
        • Questions: 
        [email protected]
    • Business Majors, and those needing to go through the secondary admission process for Business:
      Daniels Office of Undergraduate Programs, located in Margery Reed Hall, 1st floor
      Schedule an appointment online
      • Phone: 303-871-6910
      [email protected]

    DEC – Prepare for Discoveries Orientation & Arrival to Campus

    • Step 9: Discoveries Orientation is a required program for all incoming students to the University. This program is completed in two parts: an online course and an in-person program.
      • Register for the in-person Discoveries Orientation, taking place on January 3rd.
      • Complete the Discover DU Online Canvas Course prior to Friday Jan 3rd. You can access this course at
      • Veterans Services is also offering a GI Bill User Orientation on December 20th, 2019 from 9am-11am at the University of Denver, Anderson Academic Commons Room 301. Refreshments will be served. Register for this GI Bill User Orientation by Dec 15th if applicable to you. There is a virtual option available for anyone who cannot make it to campus.
    • Step 10: Get information on DU technology requirements for your major and minor. Visit the New Student Technology Help Guide for additional information and reach out to if you require technology assistance.
    • Step 11: Get your course materials! Visit the University of Denver Bookstore website to search your courses and find what textbooks or materials you’ll need for your classes.
    • Step 12: Accept or waive your health insurance.
    • Step 13: Obtain a parking pass if needed.

    JAN – Arrival to Campus

    • Step 13: Attend Discoveries Orientation on Friday January 3rd.
    • Step 14: TRANSFER STUDENTS: Submit your final transcripts once grades have posted in January, to receive an updated credit audit (mail to Undergraduate Admission Offices at 2197 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80208-9401.)
    • Step 15: Start classes! Winter Quarter begins on January 6th. 
  • For students starting in the Spring quarter
    • Early March 2020 - Advising and registration for Spring Quarter 2020 begins.
    • March 27 - On-campus new student orientation.
    • March 30 - Spring classes begin.
    • March 30 - Spring quarter tuition payment due for new students.
  • For students starting in the Summer quarter
    • Please contact Discoveries Orientation to arrange a mandatory individualized orientation date. Plan on bringing your laptop to orientation.
    • June 17- Summer 2019 classes begin.
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