Fire Permits

If you or a group you represent are planning to hold an event where open flames will be present, you will need a fire permit. Fire permits may be issued by the Office of Emergency Preparedness & Fire Safety or the Denver Fire Department, depending on the type of fire. The information below pertains to both indoor and outdoor fires and the permit process.

Fire Permit Procedure

There are two types of fire permits: those issued by our division and those issued by the Denver Fire Department. In some cases, a Fire Department permit may be obtained by a contracted service provider, in which case you will not be required to go through this process. If a contracted service provider is not filing for permits on your behalf you must follow these procedures:

  1. Fill out our Fire Permit Webform below
  2. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive follow-up questions for clarification. If your permit is approved, you will receive a PDF copy of your permit via email. If your permit is denied you will receive an email informing you of the denial.
  3. If, upon reviewing your request, it is decided that a Denver Fire Department permit will be required, you will be notified of the process and fees. There is no charge for a DCS permit, but the Denver Fire Department does charge for permits.
  4. Once you receive your permit you are required to print it and have it on-site during your event. If your permit is requested by Fire Department or DCS personnel, you are required to present it. If you are unable to produce the permit, the use of open flames will be halted.
  5. At any time during your event, the use of open flames may be halted in the interest of public safety.

Request a Permit


Open Flames Requiring a Permit

  • Open flames include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Candles
    • Grills
    • Fire Pits
    • Oil Lamps/Lanterns
    • Sterno/Alcohol Fuel
    • Incense
  • Please note that there are no standing exceptions for religious or other ceremonial use; a fire permit will be required.
DU campus

Open Flames Not Requiring a Permit

  • You may not have to file for a fire permit in the following circumstances:
    • Sterno used by Sodexo or a contracted caterer
    • Grills used by Sodexo or a contracted caterer
  • In many cases, contracted services will apply for a fire permit before the event. Do not assume this is the case, though. If the Denver Fire Department or Campus Safety asks to see a permit during the event and it cannot be produced, the use of open flames may be halted.

Additional Notes

  • Event Safety Precautions
    • The following safety precautions will be required of every event in which a fire permit is issued:
      • Open flames may not be located within three (3) feet of combustible materials
      • Open flames must be the responsibility of a single person throughout the event
      • In the case of grills: the grill must be attended by a single person that is responsible for fire safety
      • A fire extinguisher must be within reach of the person attending the fire (requests for a loaner fire extinguisher can be made to Facilities Management)
      • The person attending the fire must remain sober
    • The safety precaution requirements will be printed on your permit. Upon receiving your permit and igniting your flame you are agreeing to abide by the safety precautions. If during your event you are not following the safety precautions the Fire Department or Campus Safety have the right to halt the use of open flames.
  • Prohibited Items
    • The following items are nearly always prohibited on campus and a fire permit will likely be denied:
      • Fireworks
      • Floating Lanterns
      • Paper Bag Lanterns
      • Wood Fueled Fires
    • You may request a permit for these items, but realize that there are many rules governing these types of fires and the likelihood of receiving a permit is low. Even if a permit is issued it will likely take a few weeks to process the information with the Fire Department.