Committees & Reps

In our commitment to shared governance, Senate nominates and seats faculty on committees across campus. In general, this relates to "university committees" whose charge or deliberations impact faculty across schools or across campus. Depending on the committee, Senate might seat one rep or might fill 25% or more of the seats.

In an effort to best serve faculty interests, we care about robust feedback loop structures. In other words, if you are representing Senate, we ask that you please think of your role as three-fold:

  1. Attend the meetings on behalf of Senate.
  2. Report back to FSEC (or the Senate President or the Chair of a relevant Senate committee) with timely updates regarding the committee in question, including any important upcoming decisions that will be made that will impact faculty across units...
  3. ...and consult with FSEC (or the relevant Senate role/s) on how we can work together to get as much Senator or faculty-wide input as possible on the topics in question. (E.g. we might send out a poll, ask you to present on the Senate floor for input, help you assemble one or more focus groups with relevant campus partners, and/or help you organize a panel of experts to help Senators most effectively work through the issue).

Please note: As of Spring 2020, FSEC has begun a new partnership with ODEI in its process for nominating and seating faculty to committees and task forces. DEI is not just the work of ODEI.