Senate 101

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Additional Senate-Floor How-To's (Short Videos)

Some short video "how-to's" for raising motions, making amendments, and generally using your voice on the Senate "floor" (these were vetted by John Hill for accuracy; see some of John's addendum notes below!)

Video 1: Motions Overview (15 minutes)

  • John Hill addendum comments to this video:
    • I don't think quorum was mentioned. We must have a majority of Senators (or their proxies) present to conduct business, i.e., vote on a matter.
    • A motion belongs to the Senate after it is seconded, not before that.
    • Approval at First Reading by 2/3 vote is an Senate By Laws provision, not a Robert's Rules provision.
    • A majority is required to pass most motions, which means more than 50 percent , not equal to 50 percent.

Video 2: Move to Vote Now / Call the Previous Question (7 minutes)

Video 3: Move to Postpone (5 minutes)

Video 4: Move to Remand (6 minutes)

Video 5: Move to Amend (7 minutes)

  • John Hill's addendum comments to this video:
    • Some motions are not amendable, e.g., Table, Call the Question.
    • The term "Friendly Amendment" is not a Robert's recognized term, but is often a useful concept.

***Note: In Videos 2-5, the "trampoline motion" is referred to as "Sol's" motion, but the motion actually belongs to the Senate, not to Sol.