General Education

  • 9.17.21 Agenda

    11:30-11:40 Sign In and Quorum

    11:40-11:50 Announcements (Sarah, Renee)

    11:50-12:05 Committee Chairs: Updates and Overviews (Jen, Aubrey, Chip, John H, Paul) (3ish minutes each)

    12:05-12:15 First Reading (and possible vote): Motion to allow President to call Special Senate Meetings without 5-day notice

    • Read the motion (including a bit of background) here

    12:15-12:30 COVID Accommodations: Input and Discussion about next steps (Chip, Jen, Renee)

    12:30-12:45 Shared Governance 1: UBAC-FPC strategizing, input, ideas (Paul)

    12:45-1:00 Shared Governance 2: Faculty Input Structures: Discuss structures/processes for input, review, etc. moving forward (e.g. search committees, healthcare, bookstore, etc.)

    1:00-1:20 Shared Governance 3: Updates from Faculty Workload Equity Group & Discuss new committee on Teaching and Professional Faculty, Visiting Faculty, and Adjuncts

    1:20-1:30 Shared Governance 4: Committee Transparency project update, input, and call for volunteers

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General Education

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Policies & Procedures for Faculty Development

This was an important series of conversations and procedure-development overseen by past-President Kate Willink and chaired by Chip Reichardt. The final document lives here. This process was a creative and generative response to the Board of Trustees' request for "post-tenure review"; the results of the Senate process gained national attention--e.g. see this article in the Chronicle for Higher Ed in 2018.

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