Senate Committees, Task Forces & Working Groups

Inclusive Learning Environments (ILE) Design Studio

COVID-19 Accommodations Committee

This is a joint committee of APC and Personnel co-chaired by the two Chairs of those committees.

  • Members
    • Apryl Alexander, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
    • Norma Hafenstein, Daniel L. Ritchie Endowed Chair in Gifted Education, Morgridge College of Education
    • Barb Hurtt, Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
    • Mike Keables, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
    • Viva Moffat, Professor, Sturm College of Law
    • Deb Ortega, Professor and Director of the University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship, Graduate School of Social Work
    • Chip Reichardt, Professor, Department of Psychology (Co-Chair)
    • Derigan Silver, Associate Professor, Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies (Co-Chair)
    • Robert Urquhart, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
    • Kate Willink, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs

Teaching Excellence Committee (Coming Soon)

[The Teaching Excellence Committee is being seated; check back shortly.]

Faculty Workload Equity Committee (Coming Soon)

[The Faculty Workload Equity Committee is being seated; check back shortly.]

Reconciliation Committee

  • Chair

    Sarah Pessin

  • Co-Chairs

    Derigan Silver, Darrin Hicks

  • Members
    • Mohammed Albow
    • Jennifer Campbell
    • Alejandro Ceron
    • Frederique Chevillot
    • Brian Gearity
    • Michelle Kruse-Crocker
    • Kris Kuzera
    • Brian Majestic
    • Lisa Martinez
    • Nancy Sasaki
    • Kate Tennis
    • John Tiedemann
    • Michele Tyson
    • Greg Ungar
  • Charge

    Part of a process of reviewing general education curriculum at DU, this committee is currently considering next steps in light of a 2017-19 process in which an independent committee of faculty (the GERI committee related to the Impact 2025 process) made recommendations for a gen ed revision that got raised as a motion on the Senate floor and was met with a divided Senate and faculty-wide response. The Reconciliation Committee is reviewing amendment requests from Senators. The work of this committee is ongoing, but has slowed due to COVID-19.

Graduate Student Task Force (Summer 2020- )

  • Chairs

    Kristina Hesbol; Michele Tyson

  • Members

    Michelle Knowles; Jillian Blueford; Renee Botta; Erin Elzi

Bookstore Committee (Fall 2020- )

Sarah Pessin; Claude d'Estree; Ali Friedrichs

COVID-19 Task Forces (Spring 2020)

Early on in the current crisis, there were a number of Task Forces formed by the Chancellor with leadership from the Chancellor and the Provost. Faculty Senate has ensured a robust process for involving faculty. The details can be found here. In summary, Senate has worked with our Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) and the Chancellor to ensure that at least 25% of each committee is made up of Senate nominated faculty, including Senators, members of the Senate Executive Committee (FSEC), and other faculty.

To ensure transparency, see below for the list of faculty on task forces who were appointed based on a nomination process led by Senate in consultation with ODEI: