Shared Governance

Faculty Senate is all about shared governance, and so of course every document, link, and process that you find on this website is related to that theme.

On this part of our page, we are working with the Provost to bring even greater transparency to aspects of upper administrative process and structure. Helping Senators and faculty better understand the framework helps us exercise our voices more clearly at the table.

Please scroll down to see lists of various structures, committees, and faculty positions connected to the Provost's offices.

Office of the Provost

Standing Committees

  • Academic Affairs
    Committee Mission Statement

    University Council on Student Success 

    Coordinate student outreach from offices across campus 
    FSEM Committee Review FSEM proposals – provide feedback 
    ASEM Committee (WRIT) Review ASEM proposals- provide feedback 
    Undergraduate Research Committee  Review student proposals, provide feedback, award funding 
    Honors Council The Honors Council is the Honors Program's governing body and determines policy and provides interface between the Honors Program and the many departments on campus.
    Public Good Fund Review Committee The Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL) oversees an annual fund of $100,000 to promote and increase community-engaged research and creative work that involves faculty and community. 
    Central Committee (inactive)  Review common curriculum assessment; adjust learning outcomes as needed 


  • Faculty Affairs / Teaching & Learning
    Committee Mission Statement
    CFAB The Courseware Faculty Advisory Board (CFAB) provides faculty input on policy and issues related to the university’s learning management system (LMS) and other instructional technologies. 
    OTL Advisory Board The Faculty Advisory Board for the Office of Teaching and Learning maintains an important role in setting the direction of OTL initiatives and activities by providing regular feedback and advice and acting as a two-way communication conduit for teaching and learning related issues. 
    Data Governance   
    Faculty Onboarding   Guide Onboarding Programming for New Faculty at DU  (needs to be relaunched, but currently includes folks from HRIC, Symposium, OTL, FAAD)  
    EPortfolio Committee   


  • Research & Graduate Education
    Committee Mission Statement
    Special Projects and Research Committee   


  • Other Committees
    Committee Mission Statement
    University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) The UBAC reviews peer practices, data and the results of commissioned studies to make budget allocation recommendations to DU’s leadership.
    Information Measurement and Analysis Council (IMAC)  A data users group to share and discuss new technologies launched, institutional research and projects conducted, and data/data processing issues.


Special Faculty Positions

  • Academic Affairs
    Title Faculty
    AVP for Public Good Strategy and Research   Anne DePrince
    Executive Director, Learning Communities and Civic Engagement  Linda Olson
    Director, Pioneer Leadership Program  Linda Olson 
    Associate Director, Pioneer Leadership Program Paul Kosempel 
    Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Living & Learning Community Michael Caston
    Director, Environmental Sustainability Living & Learning Community Don Sullivan
    Director, International Living & Learning Community Casey Dinger
    Director, Social Justice Living & Learning Community Lauren DeCarvalho
    Director, Wellness Living & Learning Community Erin Willer
    Faculty Director, Colorado Women’s College Trisha Teig 
    Faculty Director, Undergraduate Research Center Dan Linseman 
    Faculty Director, Center for Scholarship and Honors Kate Tennis 
    Executive Director, Writing Program Sheila Carter-Tod 
    Director, Writing Center Juli Parish 
    Assistant Director, Writing Center Megan Kelly 
    Assistant Director, Writing Program Richard Colby 
    Director, Faculty Advising Kateri McRae 
    Director, First Year Seminar Heather Martin 
    Faculty Director, Honors Program Kate Tennis
    Program Manager, Honors Program Kira Castle


  • Faculty Affairs / Teaching & Learning
    Title Faculty
    OTL Faculty Fellow Vacant
    Resident Scholar for Teaching and Professional Track Faculty Laura Sponsler
    Faculty Fellow for Mentoring Initiatives Heather Martin 
    Faculty Fellow for Chair Development Vacant
    Data Consultant Bobbie Kite 
    COVID 19 Facilitators Deb Ortega, Liza Martinez, Nancy Sasaki 


Sarah Pessin Shared Governance Award


2022 Sarah Pessin and Mary Clark

2023 Kevin Lynch and Linda Kosten