How to Become a Faculty Senate Executive Committee Member

  • During announced nominations/elections, run to be the Chair of one of the 5 Standing Committees (SRC, APC, FPC, NCR, Personnel) (*Only Senators are eligible)
  • During announced nomination/elections, run to be an "at-large" member of FSEC (*Only Senators are eligible)
  • In Fall, based on Town Hall input on agenda topics, FSEC will open nominations for up to two faculty to join FSEC "as warranted by the substantive issues to be addressed by the Senate in the coming year"; these faculty must be elected by Senate (*Eligible candidates are appointed faculty [which includes VTAPs but not adjuncts]; faculty may but need not be Senators; any such elected faculty holds a one-year position on FSEC)
  • Sometimes in Fall, after the above step, FSEC might appoint up to one additional Senator to FSEC based on FSEC's assessment of "whether all major University constituencies are represented" (*Only Senators are eligible; any such appointed faculty holds a one-year position on FSEC)