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Financial Aid

Scholarship Search

Utilize our scholarship search to find additional funding opportunities that may supplement your financial aid award package!

All scholarships listed through this search engine require a separate application. You will be notified in your admission letter if you have been awarded any merit scholarships from the University of Denver, and you should still apply for financial aid every year you attend DU.

Some of the results may be from outside organizations, and some may be endowed scholarship opportunities from DU. If your search results include a DU scholarship, please contact the department offering the scholarship directly to learn about the application process. If you receive a private scholarship from an outside organization, please send (or have your donor send) the check directly to our office.

Please know a majority of our DU endowed scholarships are available to students currently enrolled at the University of Denver. If an endowed scholarship is available for incoming first-time, first-year students, this will be indicated by the 'High School Student/Incoming Student' designation under Academic Level for each specific scholarship.  If nothing is listed, then the scholarship is available for students to apply at any academic level.

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Academic/merit-based scholarships
Financial need-based scholarships
University of Denver scholarships
Private scholarships offered by outside organizations

Students of Color
Students with Disabilities

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