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Update on DU's web overhaul project for April 2021

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The website migration momentum has sped up considerably this month. We have launched nine sites (121 pages) since our March communication including:



In total we have launched 77 websites and 9,806 pages since Drupal’s initial go-live in September 2018, including the nine aforementioned sites launched in March and April.

We also retired three websites as of 3/31:

  • Collaborative Refugee Rights & Information Center 
  • Political Theory 
  • Institute for Public Policy Studies 

Remaining to launch*:

  • 61 sites led by Fastspot
  • 39 sites led by MarComm (which includes Law Libraries, University Libraries, and Daniels)

*Note: Some numbers have changed vs. last month due to IA shifts and definitions around inline site and web page.

More information can be accessed in Pioneerweb -> Website Governance so that you may keep up to date with progress, including site prioritization summary, project roadmap, and progress checklist, which is updated weekly.  

The Web Governance Group continues to meet bi-weekly.