Online Photo Submission

Incoming Undergraduate, Graduate and Law Students - ONLINE SUBMISSION IS MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS.  Once submitted, your ID will be printed and ready for pick-up upon your arrival to campus.

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Photo Requirements

  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward – no profile shots, dark glasses, hats, or large/wide headbands
  • The entire face must be visible - the photo must not cut off at the forehead or chin
  • Photo must be in color
  • No Filters (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) or Photoshop - photo must not have appearance editing
  • Photos should not include other people or animals - no group photos
  • No graduation caps, gowns, other regalia or costumes may be worn
  • Photo brightness, contrast, and cropping must be reasonable - we can crop large photos
  • Photos must have a muted white or gray background
  • Photos must be smaller than 4MB

Sample Acceptable Photo


Sample Unacceptable Photos


Photo Submission and ID Card Reprint Instructions

Once you have paid your admissions deposit, follow these simple steps to submit your photo or to request a reprint of your ID Card:

  1. Log in to PioneerWeb
  2. Click on the Admitted Students tab (for undergraduates) or the Incoming Grad Students tab (for graduates) or the Employee tab (for employees)
  3. Click the link labeled Submit your ID photo online
  4. Follow the online instructions
  5. If you already have a photo present, you will be presented with the option to request a reprint of your ID Card.

If you are having issues with the above instructions, try logging in to myWeb. Then go to Student | Student Records | Upload Student ID Card Photo. If you continue to have problems getting to the page, feel free to contact us at 303-871-4545 or

That's it! The Pioneer ID Card Office will review your photo, and you will be notified by email if it is accepted or rejected. Please be sure to review the photo requirements before submitting your photo.

After your photo has been accepted, your Pioneer ID Card will be created and ready for you when you arrive on campus.

Please be aware that in order to receive your card you must present a photo ID, have paid your admissions deposit, and be within 30 days from the beginning of your accepted term.