Flex Account

The Flex account is our flexible spending (debit) account. This account provides security and convenience. You need not carry cash, as your Pioneer ID Card can be used to make purchases on and off campus for a variety of products and services.

Funds are secure, as account balances are maintained on a central database in the University's central computer room. As long as you report a lost or stolen ID card immediately, your account balance is protected.

Flex funds roll over from quarter to quarter and year to year. You will have access to your funds as long as you are a current student or employee.

Depositing to Flex

All students, staff, and faculty have a Flex account. You just need to make a deposit and you're ready to go! You can make deposits online with a credit card, or in the ID Office with cash or check.

Cash deposits to your Flex account can also be made in Anderson Academic Commons at the account management kiosk located to the right of the UTS Help Center.

Funds deposited online or at the account management kiosk are available for use immediately. Deposits made in the ID Office are available for use the following morning. The minimum deposit required is $1.00.

Flex Refunds

Cash cannot be withdrawn from the Flex Account. However, refunds may be requested through the ID Office. You can download a Flex Refund Request form, or pick one up in the ID Office. Refunds will be made by check. Completed forms can be submitted by email to pcard@du.edu, handed in at the office, or mailed to DU ID Card Office, 2050 East Evans Ave, Suite 4, Denver CO 80210. We can no longer accept Faxed Flex Refund Request Forms.

Refunds can only be made at the end of the academic year, when graduating, for an official stop out, when all classes are dropped, or for account closure.

Locations Accepting Flex

Flex is accepted at these locations. Covid 19 has impacted many restaurants and businesses, and some Flex services may be impacted. Please contact individual locations for details.

If you know a merchant that would be a good candidate to take Flex, please have the merchant contact the Pioneer ID Card Office at 303-871-4545.