Meal Plans

Commuter Student & Employee Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans are the 10-Block and 50-Block meal plans. The 125-Block, 150-Block, and 175-Block Meal Plans are HRE Plans and are managed by the Housing Department, who can be reached at or 303-871-2246. Commuter plans are available ONLY to faculty, staff, commuter, 3rd year, 4th year, continuing education, graduate students, or students who have used their entire HRE meal plan and need to purchase additional meals for the quarter.

Students may purchase a Commuter Meal Plan through DU Pay, here. Employees, Students, and all other DU Community Members may purchase a Commuter Meal Plan in the ID Office with Flex or Cash. Purchased Commuter Meal Plans are nonrefundable.

Purchased Commuter Meal Plans become active on or before the end of business on the business day after the purchase is made. For example: if a plan is purchased on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it will become active during the following Monday, no later than 5pm.

The 50-Block Meal Plan costs $795.00 and comes with 50 meals and $330 of Meal Plan Cash. Any unused meals expire at the end of the quarter in which they were purchased, while any unused Meal Plan Cash carries over through quarters and expires in June at the end of the academic year.

The 10-Block Meal Plan costs $95.00 and comes with 10 meals. This meal plan does not include any Meal Plan Cash, but meals from this plan carry over through quarters and expire in June at the end of the academic year.

All community members may check their meal plan usage history and remaining balances through our eAccounts Card Management Portal.