Use Your Pioneer ID Card


Your card contains an antenna. Punching a hole anywhere in the card, bending the card or folding the card will damage the card beyond repair.










Back of Your Card

Use the small black strip for banking transactions.










Use the large gold strip for University transactions.

About Your Card

The Pioneer ID Card is your official identification while attending the University of Denver. All students are required to carry the ID card while on campus.

The Pioneer ID Card has door access technology included in the card design. It works with either a contactless reader or a magnetic stripe reader to identify you and allow access to authorized users.

The Pioneer ID Card also functions as a transaction card for Meal Plans and the Flex debit account.

The Pioneer ID Card can be linked to your U.S. Bank checking account and function as an ATM/Debit card. This functionality is separate from the Flex Account.

The card allows students to purchase discounted tickets to DU entertainment and sporting events.