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Pioneer ID Card

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Use Your Pioneer ID Card

Printing and Copying


You can use your Uniprint and Flex accounts for printing at any of the public printers on campus. To access the public printers on campus, please download and install the DUnet software.

The Uniprint account is a University supplied printing account. It can only be used for printing at the public printers located throughout campus. All registered students receive a set amount of Uniprint credits per term. Uniprint credits have no monetary value.

You may not deposit to the Uniprint account. After all of your Uniprint credits have been spent, Flex credits may be used to print at the public printers.

For more information on printing, including locations and pricing, contact the Information Technology Help desk at 303-871-4700.


You can use your Flex account at certain copiers located in Anderson Academic Commons, Westminster Law Library, and Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Music Library.

Only your Flex account can be used at the copiers. Uniprint can only be used for printing, not copying.