Inviting Vendors

DU is now using PaymentWorks for vendor registration, identity validation and ongoing vendor maintenance!

PaymentWorks offers a secure and streamlined process, which saves administrative time and reduces the risk of fraud. All DU Vendors must set up a PaymentWorks account so they can enter and maintain their contact details, addresses, and banking information. University Financial Services (UFS) is in the process of sending out PaymentWorks invitations to all vendors who currently exist in Banner. 


Instructions for Internal DU Users:
  • Once a relationship is established with a new vendor, search PaymentWorks to determine if the vendor has been invited and check the onboarding status.

  • If the status is complete, the vendor has been validated by PaymentWorks and no further action is necessary.

  • If a vendor has not yet been invited to create an account, send them an email invitation

  • Once the PaymentWorks onboarding process is complete, UFS assigns a DU ID number and updates Banner so the vendor can be paid.


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