Payroll Taxes

The following Payroll forms are accessed through

  • W2 Wage & Tax Statement
    To provide consent to receive electronic W-2 delivery:
    • Log into
    • Search for My Employee Profile in the search box
    • Select Taxes >Electronic Regulatory Consent


    To access your 2023 (and future) W-2’s online:
    • Log into
    • Search for My Employee Profile in the search box
    • Select My Employee Profile > Taxes > W-2 Wage and Tax Statement


    To access historical W-2’s (2010-2022):
    • Log into
    • Search for W-2 in the search box
    • Select Tax Forms (W-2 and W-4) > View/Print W-2 Statement (2010-2022)


    To View or Print your W-2:
    • Select View/Print W-2 Statement 
    • Select the Year from the drop-down
    • Select to View/Print the W-2 Statement or W-2 Instructions

    Note: To download the W-2 in a PDF format, click on the printer icon and select  Save as PDF

    Print W-2
  • W-4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances
    To print, view or change your W-4 employee withholding form/preferences:

    1.  Log into

    2.  Search for W4 using the search bar at the top of the page

    3.  Select Tax Forms (W-2 and W-4).  If prompted, enter your secure DU Passphrase.

    4.  Select W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances - View/Update

    • Select the Print option to print the W-4 form
    • Select Update to make changes
    • Select History to view past allowance selections
    • Select  Contributions or Deductions for a summary of contributions and deductions by month.
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